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[GCStories] The Story of Berkas

The Story of Berkas

The dimension of Hades, also called Underworld, is known as the dimension of the dead. That's where the spirits of the creatures go when they die in Ernas. Ironically, Hades is also inhabited by living beings, native races of this plan, as Haros, the breed of Lupus. Or by monsters, like the Iron Dragons .
Coming from Hades, they face off in Ernas
How in Hades is all very organized to keep the spirits of the dead end up coming out of there, even dragons have their own society with a clear hierarchy. Thousands of years ago, she keeps unchanged, with the most ancient and powerful dragons sending us younger. To the misfortune of an iron dragon in particular, called Berkas.
Although Berkas have many centuries of life and be extremely strong, much as he wanted to become even more influential, it would never be possible. He would always be subordinate to iron dragons older than him. And never be content with that. After all, the dragon was Berkas most ambitious of all Hades! There, he would never have command of everything. So the giant dragon began to dream of world domination deadly Ernas. With his magic unstable and inferior beings, it would be easy to conquer that world Berkas and reign supreme. And for many centuries, it was with this that he dreamed, as she prepared quietly assembling an army of creatures draconian.
Despite its power, there are dragons in Hades even stronger
It turns out that, recently, unknown forces began to break seals that separated the mortal world of magical dimension of Ernas the Elyos. And that ended up affecting Hades. Cracks were also opened in the Underworld, allowing the Altar of Ruin and would stop at Furnace Infernal Ernas. Berkas realized that the barrier between dimensions was weaker and took his chance! Opening a huge portal between worlds, he crossed with all his subordinates and even Ernas, where they built their new nest. His new lair.
Did you know that in fact they came from the Underworld?
Luckily, the arrival of Berkas not gone unnoticed. Detecting energies sinister Underworld, Order of the Knights of Light organized his forces and headed for confrontation. When you find the dragon's lair iron, the Order of Light built large guns and fighting machines such as catapults and ballistae, and began the battle against Berkas. Unfortunately, after a tremendous battle, the defenders were forced to retreat before they were totally exterminated by the dragon.
This is where you enter the story, alongside the heroes of Grand Chase! While traveling by Aton, they felt the collision forces fighting between the dragon and the Order of Light and investigate, they found the survivors Paladins. Once we found out about the plan to conquer the dragon their world, the heroes decided to stop him!
Are you prepared to invade his lair?

Have you noticed a strange bluish marks that Lupus has on his left arm? You thought it was a tattoo? So you were wrong. The truth is that Lupus wears a prosthesis!
"Bionic" Arm?
Turns out, even fulfilling your role as a Bounty Hunter, the expert sees it as his duty to prevent any creature from Hades escape that dimension. And that obviously includes the iron dragon, Berkas. So he felt that Berkas had reached Ernas, Lupus was challenging him. Alone.
Berkas vs. Lupus
The outcome of the fight? After booting Berkas, Lupus lost his left arm. Fortunately the young man gave up and got a prosthetic delighted to continue using all their skills in combat!
The defeat of Lupus
And that is why in the famous image of the 4th Class of Lupus, he is without his arm, with the power of his blue flames escaping from inside his body.

Unraveled the mystery of the image of the 4th Class!

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