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[GCPH] Rin 3rd Job: Theion, Level 85 Cap, Karuel Border & Ariel GACHA Redux

Rin’s 3rd Job – Theion
Duration: January 22

◘ Rin’s 3rd job Theion Mission will be available in the Shop as [Cash] and GP

New Dungeon: Karuel Border
Duration: January 22
◘ Dungeon level is 78~80
◘ Karuel armors and weapons are dropped

○ Level 81
○ Epic or Rare

    Posted Image

◘ Title: Frontier Chaser
◘ New Monster Cards


Posted Image

◘ 10 new missions will be enrolled automatically.

Increase Level Cap to 85
Duration: January 22

◘ Level cap will increase from level 80 to 85.

Get Ready for Level 85!
Duration: January 22 ~ February 19 (before maintenance)

◘ Check your Mailbox to get GC Hero Signboard box during event period.

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◘ Signboard will be deleted at the end of event duration if your character didn’t reach level 85.
◘ Unread mail will be deleted at the end of event period as well.

Ariel GACHA Redux
Duration: January 22

◘ Please go HERE to know how Gacha works
◘ Level 80 Set is now available.
◘ Pet Ariel's damage is increased. Those who already have Pet Ariel will also be updated after today's maintenance.

Posted Image

    Posted Image

◘ If you have existing Season 3 Ariel Armor, you may upgrade it to Season 4 Ariel Gacha Armor.
○ When you upgrade, S3 properties of old Ariel Gacha armors and accessories will be updated to S4 properties.

Spell book Sale
Duration: January 22 ~ January 29 (before maintenance)

◘ [Super Sale] Spell book package (10) will be on sale.
◘ An account may only purchase once.

Blitzchen Wing Box Reloaded
Duration: January 22 ~ February 5 (before maintenance)

◘ Those who have received the Blitzchen’s Wing Box will be given Blitzchen’s Avatar Wing Box.
◘ Depending on the number of Blitzchen’s Wing Box you received, you will also receive the same quantity of Blitzchen’s Avatar Wing Box.
◘ Blitzchen’s Avatar Wing Box can be used as an ingredient to craft new Blitzchen’s Wing.

◘ Opening the box will contain Blitzchen Avatar Wings that cannot be used for crafting.

Crafting Table
      Posted Image

Have a nice day!
Happy gaming Chasers~ ♥

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