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[GCKR] 1.24.13 Patch Notes Pre-Advancer and Village of the Desert Rogues Update

Patch Notes

New Events:
  • Zero 4th Job job Pre-event (January 24 ~ February 7)
  • Cordelia Gacha Redux Event  (January 24 ~ February 7)
  • Fashion King Event  (January 24 ~ February 3)
Ongoing Events:
  • Atum Free Emblem (January 17 ~ January 31)
  • Glimpse of Season 5 Coordi Sale Event (January 17 ~ January 31)
Ended Events
  • Monster Train 301
  • Unlimited Champion Mode
  • Cheshire's Card Shuffle
  • Enhanced package sale event

oh and because of I am busy for the moment.. I just borrowed updates from GCTW...

PVP Loading Screen

New Armors




User Interface




Event Banner

3D Models of Monsters and Bosses

Event Banner - Pre Event of Advancer

Loading Screen - Advancer

Advancer Package Set

PVP Loading Screen

A Video Gameplay from our partners

Credits to GCNYAN

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