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[GCKR] 1.10.13 Events and Zero's 3rd job: Banisher

Hello While I arrange the Proper Details of Zero's 3rd job and Proper review and Gameplay Video.. Snail has set up a Stream for a quick look at Zero's 3rd job The Banisher...

Patch Notes:

[New Events]
  • Monster Train 301 (January 10 ~ January 24)
  • Unlimited Champion Mode (January 10 ~ January 24)
[Ongoing Events]
  • Zero Banisher Pre-Event (January 3 ~ January 17)
  • Activate Zero Event (January 3 ~ January 17)
  • Monster Hotel Movie Promotional Event (January 3 ~ January 17)
[Events Ended]
  • Nightmare Circus (December 27 ~ January 10)
  • New Year's Event  (December 27 ~ January 10)


Gran Mode Skill Change

Be Sure to Check Back in Later..

Zero's Voice Files

loading Screen

 Skill Icons

banisher's Mask Texture 

Skill Image

Banisher Set
banisher's almost Render ahhah

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