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[BLUG] If Chase turned movie? - Part 1

What the guys from Grand Chase always dreamed of an anime Grand Chase everyone here already knows. But it would also be a film as amazing as the cartoon, right?
So we decided to just imagine who would play if they were our heroes stop in Hollywood studios.
The warrior leader Grand Chase would have to be represented by someone who shows strength and determination in his eye cuffs. Therefore, the right choice is Jennifer Lawrence , who proved to have enough to claw interpret Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games .

The elf Eryuell should be someone with a true beauty, but at the same time with charisma and will to fight. So we chose AnnaSophia Robb , who did Bridge to Terabithia and recently participated in the remake of Race to Witch Mountain.

The mage Serdin is innocent and is always in a good mood. So just think in Abigail Breslin , who has done roles in  Little Miss Sunshine and Zombieland . Seriously, it's not as friendly as the Arm?
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