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[GCTH] Moonlight Village

An unwanted break from 4th skills update.

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1. Moonlight Village
Duration: 29/11 - 13/12

Explore the village of moonlight and discover its frightening secret.

In order to access this dungeon, you need one Moonlight Pearl, which can be bought in shop, or from crafting.

Ingredients for crafting: One Empty pearl and three Celestial Energy.

During the event period, you'll receive missions involving this new dungeon.

Moonlight Village's Secret:
Complete the dungeon 45 times.

Rewards: Moonlight Village Earrings Chest (Choose one).
Atk/Def/Vit - 120/161/161
HP Regen 7%
Decrease abnormal status 7%
Immortality after birth in PVP 7%
EXP Bonus 3%

Lotus the Innkeeper's True Identity:
Defeat Gumiho 5 times in Hell Mode.

Rewards: GP Random Properties Scroll

Can be used to re-random the properties of GP items, but there is no Hell Spear prop.

And you'll receive free 5 champion mode tickets and one Moonlight Village Ring Chest each day.

Once selected, the ring is timed for 1 day. It can be upgraded by using Fox's Jewel Fragment.

Lv.10-30-50-70 Ring

Dungeon Drop:

Rainbow Pouch - Randomly gives you +0-+4 Reinforcement Stone.

Gold Pouch - Randomly give you +7-+9 Reinforcement Stone, or an Epic Reinforcement Stone.

Boss Pet Creation Manual Chest - Randomly gives you a boss pet manual.

Moonlight Village Mask


And some random stuffs like Premium Transmutate Scroll, Refine Protection Scroll, and continental card boxes.

Complete the dungeon 75 times to unlock the crest
Cri 1%
HP +10%

2. Father's Day Event
Duration: 29/11 - 6/12

Father's Day accessories are sold in shop for a week, can be bought only once per ID. They last for 30 days.

Love Dad T-Shirt and Love Dad Signboard can be crafted by collecting Love Dad Token.

(Love ad Signboard is in the third panel. 30-day time limit. Can be accumulated.)

That's all for this week.

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