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[GCTH] Christmas Event

I apologize for my absence last week because I had to study for the exam.

(Anyway, the exam is over!)

Last week updates:
1. Karuel Border
2. Cordelia Gacha
3. Level Cap increased to 85
4. Protect Merry!
5. Bakunawa VIP Event

This week updates:
1. Stocking in the Christmas Tree

Collect the yarns dropped from dungeons and PvP.

Collecting 3 Red Yarns will turn it into Red Socks, while the blue one uses 6.

The last sock, the Yellow Sock, can only be bought in the shop.

Once you have the socks, you can hang them on the Christmas Tree, one of each kind per a time.

Then, you just wait...
10 minutes for the red, 20 minutes for the blue, and 30 minutes for the yellow.

After that, you can click on the sock and get rewards.

Rare reward - Blue Angle Wings

2. Christmas Big Head

Free Christmas Big Head (14 Days)

3. Jr. Aron

You can find his recipe in Champion Mode of every Achemedia dungeons.

And that's all for the last two weeks.

Next week update is Karuel.

Oh, and here is my run in the new dungeon.

I admit, the boss is hard...

And from now on I will post only important stuffs, little updates or events will be posted when the main update comes, or at least two weeks per a post, because from now on I think I will have less time playing...

A good example is this week's events, only two. If it weren't for my absence then these updates will be posted next week along with other contents.

Ps. Some images are credited to the main website. I'm really grateful for turning back to the old style of updating news.

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