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[GCTH] 4th Skills Act 5 and Rock-Paper-Scissors Event

Update List
  1. 4th Skills Act V - Finale
  2. Rock-Paper-Scissors Event

4th Skills Act V - Finale

Zero, Lupus, and Rin got their new powers!

Zero's 4th skill - Zero Domain
Lupus's 4th skill - Explosive Shot
Rin's 4th skill - Unstoppable Strength

Rock-Paper-Scissors Event

In order to play this minigame, you need Jak-en-Poy Coin.

The third item of the first row is what you need. The pointed one will be explained later.

One coin is required per a challenge. 
Win, you will proceed to another battle. 
Tie, nothing will happen.
Lose, you have two choices: either re-fight the boss, or restart from the beginning.

If you choose to re-fight, one Jak-en-Poy Rematch Coin will be consumed.
(Now look back at the pointed item I've mentioned before) 

Fight your way through bosses to win the grand prize, the Planet avatar set.

That's all for this week.

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