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[GCPH] Rin 2nd Job: Equinox and Christmas Events!

Rin’s 2nd Job – Equinox
Duration: December 18
• Rin’s 2nd job Equinox Mission will be available at the Shop.

Misty’s Christmas Event
Duration: December 18  ~ Jan. 2 (before maintenance)
• Access the mini game at the Mini-Game button under Menu.
Basic game play:
o 1 coin is spent every time you play the mini game.
- Get free Misty’s Coin every 4 minutes when you’re logged in.
- You can only have a maximum of 5 coins. However, once you consumed a coin, you will get another 1 after 4 minutes.
o Direct Lime to catch falling objects by pressing key for a limited time.
o Caught items are displayed at the bottom.
o Give your items to Misty by pressing Space Bar.
- Each given item is equal to 1 point.
- Gain enough points to go to the next stage.
o You can only have maximum of 10 items in your stash. Beyond that, you won’t be able to catch items. Either you delete items by pressing ↑ by giving them to Misty by pressing Space Bar.
o Failing to catch the items, your time will decrease by 1 second.
o There are a total of 12 stages. Higher stage is more difficult.
o Get a Christmas Special Gift Box according to stage.
Misty’s Coin Booster:
o When you fail in a certain stage, Misty’s Coin Booster will allow you to play the game on the current stage.
o Misty’s Coin Booster will be consumed.
o The coin is available at the Shop.
Fever Time
o Fever time is a bonus round that gives you the chance to get high score.
o To start Fever Time, meet Misty’s requirement found on the right hand of the window.
o In the example above, Misty needs 2 Stones, 2 Canes and 2 Bells. Each set of items must be given in one submission. You may also give all items in one submission.
o To delete caught items, press ↑.
o To give items to Misty, press Space Bar.
o When you have given Misty’s items, Stars will fall that once caught will give you additional points on your over-all score.
o When Fever Time ends, new list will be given.
o You will receive Christmas Premium Box according to your points.
o Christmas Premium Gift Box can be opened by using Misty’s Premium Chest Open Key.
o Rankings can be viewed at the Mini Game’s UI.
o Your highest score and Ranking will reset every 01:00 midnight.
• The following items will be available at the shop during the event period.
• Christmas Peng Peng Cannon (100 Times) and (500 Times) skills will be permanently available at the Shop.
• Misty’s Coin Booster and Misty’s Premium Chest Open Key will be deleted at the end of the event period.

Christmas Gift Shop
Duration: December 18 ~ Jan. 2 (before maintenance)
• You can gift your friends through Gift Shop using Gold Coins.
• Gold Coins are available at the Shop.
• Everytime you gift a friend, you get a Friendship Point. Gain enough points to get rewards for yourself.
• Earn enough Friendship point to get a gift.

More events will be coming this December 24! Stay tuned in~

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