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[BGC] Events for 27/12 ~ ♪

Hello and hello everyone~
Here are the events lined-up for this week~♪

★ Just In Time (Bem na Hora da Virada)
◆Duration: December 29, 2012  to January 1, 2013
→Joining this event is easy! Just login within the dates above at 15:00 and click the red clock!

Here are the prizes for the following dates:

*29/12→Queen's Jewel (3 days)
*30/12→Queen's Jewel (4 days)
*31/12→Chest of Prometheus Circlet
*1/1→Chest of Prometheus Wings

★Challenge - Experience the Good Vibrations of 2013!
◆Duration: Until January 8, 2013
→During your first login during the event period, you will receive a special mission "Experience the Good Vibrations of 2013"
→The mission requires you (the player) to defeat various monsters within your level
→While the event is active, each mission that you will accomplish, you will receive a New Year Tote Bag!

※Available Rewards
*1 pc. Scroll of Special Change
*1 pc. Special Refinement Scroll
*1 pc. Protection Scroll
*1 pc. Special Removal Scroll
*2 pcs. Scroll of Special Change
*2 pcs. Special Refinement Scroll
*2 pcs. Protection Scroll
*2 pcs. Special Removal Scroll
*1 pc Scroll of Protection +7
*1 pc Scroll of Protection +8
*1 pc Scroll of Protection +9
*1 pc Scroll of Protection +10
*1 pc Scroll of Protection +11
*1 pc Scroll of Protection +12

★Phase 2 of Donation Event
◆Duration: Until January 2, 2013
→Continuing the Donation Event, the list of rewards has been increased. It's now your chance to win new rewards alongside other players.

500,000: Double Epic Coin (1 week)
1,000,000: 1x Ask Prop and Coupon Cust**
2,000,000: x3 New Year Tote Bag
3,000,000: Fortification Scroll +12
4,000,000: Cash Character Mission
5,000,000: Berkas's Lair in January/ +150 EXP
This is my first time posting for BGC, so please forgive me T~T
If you have questions or corrections regarding this post, please post it here~
That's it for now folks~
See you around~♪
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