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[GCKR] Patch Notes 11.29.12 / Pre-Rin 2nd Job Update

Hello, Just a Quick Update.. Since im busy with something... ^^v...  sorry T^T

  • Automatic matching winner and rank information provided
  • Automatic matching War map by five Shrink
  • Automatic matching open time limit
  • Provides automatic matching according to the number of standby personnel
  • Stats leveling event

[Bug Fix]
  • Fixed an issue where display counter resistance at the counter stating that the missing
  • Fixes a problem where overlapping property, the name of the monster in the dungeon and champion
  • Occupied before the shop's magical recovery items apply effects modify the problem, which did not work properly
  • Freezing and sticking petrified property lost seats in the canyons of Mana Valley

[New event]
  • Lin's test cheering event (November 29 - December 06, after the update update until)
  • War leveling event (November 29 - December 13, after the update before the update)

[Ongoing event]
  • Shelly on sealed beads off events (updates until updated after November 15 - December 6)
  • Matching system event (November 22 - December 6, after the update, before the update)

Events ended
  • GC expedition event (November 15 - November 29, after the update, updated in advance)
  • Weekend champion mode, the pre-event (November 24, November 25 24:00 to 17 o'clock)

Also, you can now buy the package set for 'Garam' light and dark sets

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