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[GCBR] 3rd job of Rin: The Chaotic, Pre-Events

"Another entity arises within Lin as she nears Calnat (current continent Archimedia). This attracts the unknown force to a deep darkness, causing chaos and confusion in his heart. " 
The 3rd grade Lin is coming to servers Brazilian Grand Chase! The powers of light and darkness vying released with the win with a chaotic sequence. While the girl's village now seeks to understand the latest developments coming dividing his powers, his skills are getting stronger.
Packed pre-launch of Chaotic
Both the Talent Tree of Light as Dark receive 10 more skills obtained at level 42. Every two levels, the more chaotic learn a technique. This means that the choice made in the previous class will dictate the rules from now onwards.
On Monday, the Level Up! perform a streaming at 17h with the Grand Chase team and community members to play with the new class of Lin. Remember that you can still get the pre-release package  with exclusive items!
Already prepared to master the forces of light or darkness?


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