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[THGC] Mystery of Illusion, Selion Redux and Olympia

Hello again, UnorthodoX is back.
This week's updates are: 3rd Hero Dungeon - Mystery of Illusion, Selion Gacha Redux, and GC Olympia.

1. 3rd Hero Dungeon - Mystery of Illusion
Duration: 26/7 onward

The newest hero dungeon is now installed. Solve the mystery of this delusional maze and reveal its secret!

Conditions required:
- Level 75 or higher
- 3 runs per day
- The red number is the highest floor player can play
- The number below is the floor player chooses to play
- After clearing 30th floor, the process will be reset and monsters' levels will be increased

Rewards from this dungeon:
- Completing 1st - 10th floor will give players 1 Heroes' Bullion
- Completing 11th - 20th floor will give players 2 Heroes' Bullion
- Completing 21st - 30th floor will give players 3 Heroes' Bullion
- After the completion of 30th floor, the player can select which part of Phantom Phoenix set he wants.

- Lv.80
- Legend Rank
- Random Properties

New earrings have the property of random protection, similar to Gnosis earrings' effect.

2. Selion Gacha Redux
Duration: 26/7 - 9/8

Well, this is quite obvious, so I think explanation is not needed, but I will post Lupus in this set instead

(Wait until I get all his set, and I will post the no-accessories set)

3. GC Olympia
Duration: 26/7 - 9/8

Olympic Games brings us new events! United we stand, divided we fall! Help each other collecting points to get special rewards!

There are 6 types of mini games. Each round lasts for 30 minutes

1. Dice Board

- 3 chances per round
- Get as many points as possible
- Same die faces will result in a free chance.

2. Jak-en-poy

- 2 chances per round
- Choose which hand you'll play
- Win, continue playing
- Lose, a point will be deducted
- 2 loses will end the game

3. Water Balloon

- 10 chances per round
- Score as many points as you can

4. Boss Gate

- Boss gate randomly appears in dungeons
- Collecting gold medal by defeating the boss

5. Break the Barrels

- Using Knight, break all barrels before they explode
- Have 1000 HP
- When HP runs out, it's game over

6. Shoot the Balloons

- Using Archer, shoot all balloons before they hit the ground
- Have 1000 HP
- When HP runs out, it's game over

Overall rewards:

Personal rewards:

+10% exp during event period

That's all for this week.

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