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[THGC] Mari Event

Sorry for my very long absence because there was a lot of work to do. And I have to study for mid-term exam too... So yeah...

Anyway, I will do a summary for previous updates. For this week's updates are: Free Mari event, Boxing avatar set, Jr. Duel's and Lil' Jack's secret skills in shop

Summary for previous weeks' updates:

Clara Gachapon (Ended)

Dice Board (Ended)

Card Fusion Event (Until 19/7)

This week's updates:

1. Free Mari
Duration: 12/7 - 26/7

Free Mari Cash Mission and Gunslinger Cash Mission at the first log-in.

Cash Polaris and La Geas Mission can be bought for free.

Mari's Box of Memories: Randomly give you special rewards (can be bought in shop).

La Geas AI will also aid you in dungeons.

2. Boxing avatar set
Duration: 12/7 - 26/7

New avatar set has been added into Avatar shop for 2 weeks.

3. Jr.Duel's and Lil' Jack's secret skill sales
Duration: 12/7 - 26/7

500 times secret skills are sold in shop for two weeks only.

4. Champion Mode Card Bomb
Duration: 12/7 - 19/7

Card drop rate in champion mode is increased.

New Necklace enhancement screen

That's all for this week.

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