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[NAGC] New Heroic Dungeon and SB Gacha

Hello Chasers!! Sorry for the Late post of Updates.. I'm so busy this past few weeks.. Anyways, I have a new way of posting updates, I hope you like it. So shall we start?

Patch Notes

Grand Chase Patch Notes

* New Hero Dungeon - The Wizard's Labyrinth
 - A new hero dungeon is available in Archimedia.
 - Players can clear a stage of this dungeon up to three times a day.
 - Receive a quest in the mail to unlock bonus rewards for reaching certain landmark stages.
 - Complete all 30 stages in order to receive new gear rewards from the Hero's Bullion Shop.

* New Seal Breaker Set - Sirius, Guardian of the Galaxy
 - The Seal Breaker system has been updated with a new pet and all new armor sets.
 - The 13th Seal Breaker set introduces Sirius, the Guardian of the Galaxy
 - A Royal Vip badge coupon will be awarded after the successful completion of each set.

* Reinforcement cap has been raised to 17
 - Players are now able to upgrade their item to rank 17 via the Reinforcement System.
 - Weapons reinforced to +17 will now receive an additional effect.
 - New Premium Reinforcement Packages have been added to the shop.

* Demons of Yore Potion Package Sale (7/10 ~ 7/24)
 - New Demons of Yore Potion packages have been added to the Shop.
 - These packages will be available for a very limited time

* Arquemeece's Reinforcement Packages (7/10 ~ 7/24)
 - New Arquemeece's Reinforcement Packages have been added to the Shop.
 - These packages contain several unique and powerful items to aid in the reinforcement process
 - Packages will be available for a limited time.
 - Arquemeece's Package 3 (All)
 - Arquemeece's Package 2 (All)
 - Arquemeece's Package 1 (All)
 - Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll 20+5 Pack (All)
 - Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll 10+2 Pack (All)
 - Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll 10+2 Pack (All)
 - Demons of Yore Potion Pack 5 (All)
 - Demons of Yore Potion Pack 3 (All)
 - Demons of Yore Potion Pack 1 (All)
 - Falling Star (500 Times)
 - Falling Star (100 Times)
 - A global message will no longer be displayed when a player reinforces an item to +13 and +14.  From now on the global message will only display when a player reaches +15, +16, and +17 reinforcement levels.


Hero Dungeon: Wizard's Labyrinth!
Our heroes have been whisked away by the powerful wizard Grandiel and have found themselves imprisoned in a ghastly labyrinth! Clear the special 7-part mission to escape and unlock the secret behind the Wizard's Labyrinth!
 Lillian Arquemeece, Keeper of the Serdin Refinery, is introducing three new packages containing all new reinforcement tools! Check them out in the Shop for a limited time!
 You can now reinforce your items to +17! See a special effect on your item when you read a grade of 17. Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll Packages are now in the Shop to help you strengthen and dazzle up your weapons!
Running low on Demons of Yore potions? Special packages are on sale in bundles of 1, 3, and 5! Check 'em out before they're gone!


Loading Screen:

PVP Screen:
New Heroic Dungeon wizard's labyrinth:

New Cards:

Dog Star Gacha:


pet and attack
New Heroic Dungeon Armors and Accesories:

That's all for now..
Bye Guys!!!
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