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Name: Lime / Holy Serenity
Weapon: Hammer of Blessing
Jobs: Holy Knight / Paladin

First look


Lime is the Second MP+AP Hybrid Character having the first one as Azin. Having second in line also on having the Expression System.
but, First among all Characters to have the new Skill Tree System where you can only get her Skills in the Tree when you Reach Certain Levels and Complete Special Missions to obatin her Skills and Special Abilities.


Lime may not have intense attack power and agility but she has the Defense of a thousand castle walls and the first one to manage the Tanking Abilities of all the Characters with the Aid of her Aura Skills that Helps her and her allies to be buffed up and gain strength with her presence.


She lives in a small Nation Just a little far away from Bermesiah called "Holy Kingdom".
The People in the Holy Kingdom nation has been serving the God "beofwang" since the beginning of time as beofwang protects the gateway of Elyos and Ernas, but the Evils have corrupted beofwang and the people in the Holy Kingdom nation was forced to flee the land, Including the Group called "Rouge Star knights" which Lime is a member of the group, The "Rouge Star Knights" was ordered to seal up the gateway of Elyos to Ernas as soon as possible. but in the journey with her fellow members of the "Rouge Star knights" they were separated because of the war...

as she wandered the deserts of the Mirage Desert, she stumbled upon the Group of Knights called the
"Grand Chase"

As when Lime was released in Brazil. They Revamped her Story a little different from Korea's Storyline..

When sealing the hatches between Emas and Elyos have been broken by the evil Astaroth in search of more power, the evil creatures of the underworld, the demonic tribes, through dimensional portals began to attack strongly the dimension in which dwells the members of Grand Chase , Emas .

Not a place escaped the invasion was imminent, and every time new demons came trailing chaos wherever they went, at that moment the fear began to spread to all continents and regions, the destruction had taken shape.

Next to Bermesiah, located on a small island, there was the Kingdom of Light , a place ruled by the great Demon Hunter, the Pope Constantine . Buy Chaos quickly spread to their domains, the Pope then known as pious, together with the respected and honorable Order of Paladins Castle of Light, the ecclesiastical elite of the island, began to rise from time to combat the invasion of creatures of darkness.

Among the members of the Order, a small, sweet girl without a doubt shadow drew attention. His name was Holy Serenith, the paladin .

The champions then cross the seas behind a way to end terror and finally to the portals. Emas black flames burning in Chaos, but as there is chaos, there will be heroes to fight it .

Skill System

On the Release of Lime, a New Skill System was Introduced Where she can only get her Skills in the Skill Tree by reaching corresponding Levels and Completing Special Missions.
And Also her:
 Aura Skill System





On the Release of Lime in Korea she was Introduced with a New Skill System where you can only get her Skills pn the Skill Tree by reaching coresponding Levels and Completeing Special Missions
She was the Second One to use the Expression System, the first one is Azin
She was introduced by Korea as the First Tanker of the Grand Chase Team when Elesis can't do the Job as a Tanker in first Place. She was introduced to be Super Defensive and lacks much attack power but has the ability to Buff Allies, Heal, Support and protect Them.


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