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Holy Knight

Holy Knight

Credits to GCTW for the Video


Weapon: Hammer of Blessing
Job Name: Holy Knight/ Paladin

Aura System

-as Lime uses an Aura, it releases an energy that enhanced her abilities as well as her allies. but when Aura is Active her Mp does not Recover

Offensive Aura: Aura that Increases Attack of Allies as well as yours
Battle Aura: Lime and her allies will recieve 4x attacking power increase
MP Destruction Aura: The enemy that will be in the Aura's Area of Effect will decrease its Mp Recovery but also decreases yours when you attack.
Critical Chance Aura: Your Critical Chance will be increased by 10% for a duration of 5 seconds
Defensive Aura: Aura that Increases Defense of Allies as well as herself with a certain amount
Defense Boost Aura: A protective Aura that Enhances her Defense and her AlliesHP Increase Aura: An Aura that gives a Certain Amount of HP when attacking an enemy
Shield Aura: in a duration of 5 sec Reduces Enemy attack damage.
Assist Aura: Aura that gives power of MP to Allies

Increase MP Aura: An Aura that gives Increased MP Recovery rate by a certain amount
MP Conspumtion Aura: An Aura that Decreases the MP Consumption of Skills
Skill Aura: An Aura that is Activated with 5 seconds duration that extends the aura range in the enemy that is using s Special move

Default Skills and Abilities

1st skill (default): Power Strike
-She leans forward as she spins her heavy hammer and deals a lot of damage to her enemies

2nd Skills (Default): Glory
-She Accepts the Power of the Divine God and gives her Allies and herself Increase HP Recovery rate

3rd Skill (Default): Hammer Demolition
-Damages enemies with strong explosion of Divine Powers and release it in front of her and  causes her enemies to fly away

Special Skill: Redemption
-An Explosion on Holy Power that will ensure the Resurrection of allies nearby


Skill Tree

Under Construction

thansk to GCTW ill Make one later...

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