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[GCPH] Ruri Event~♪

It's Friday again, and I'm here again to give you the line-up of the events for next week~♥
Let's get started~!
Yeul's Note: Credits to LU! :)

*Ruri Event*

Duration: July 10 – July 24 (before maintenance)

Ruri is a cute rabbit that lives in the Lunar world. However, she’s always being bullied by Dark Ruri. To her desperation, she prays, “I want to have friends” every night.

The God of Lunar world heard her prayer and starts looking for someone to be Ruri’s friend.

All is up to you now.

Defeat Dark Ruri and be Ruri’s friend!

• Get Ruri Pet card on your first log-in during the event period.

• Defeat Dark Ruri (that will appear in randomly in Dungeons) to get the following randomly:

• If your Ruri pet did not reach level 15 before the end of event period, it will be deleted.
• You may also find Ruri in the Park.

Ruri Emblem
Duration: July 10 – July 24 (before maintenance)

• Ruri Emblem will appear in PVP and dungeon during the event period.

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• Ruri’s pet skill gauge will be full at the start of every dungeon run. PVP not included.

Ruri’s Pet Skill and Costume Shop Update
Duration: July 10

• Ruri’s pet Skill – Crescent Boomerang will be available in Cash.

• Dark Ruri Costume Card will be available in Cash.

Ruri Special Package
Duration: July 10 – July 24 (before maintenance)

• Ruri Special Package will be available in the Shop during the event period.

Queen of Serdin’s Knight Tournament Server Name Change
Duration: July 10 – 17 (before maintenance)

• Changing of server names to the top 6 highest ranking PVP players.

July Cash Conversion Reward *Update*
Duration: July 3 – July 31

• Addition to the reward preferences – Ciel Pet Card

Rainbow Weekend Event
Duration: July 6 – July 8

• On a given time each day, all modes are activated.
o +20% EXP for Dungeon Runs
o +20% EXP for PVP Matches
o +20% Dungeon Drop Rate
o +50% Elemental Necklace Upgrading Rate
o +30% GP for Dungeon Runs and PVP Matches
o Enter the Champion Mode without consuming any Champion Mode tickets
o +50% Reinforcement Upgrading Rate

I forgot to add the additional update for the July CC event (~sorry Dx)
I'm still haunted by Ghost King and Kumi. Aigoo-ya~ Me wants them both T_____T
Anyways, I wish everyone a good weekend~!
This is Yeul-chan singing out~ ;)

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