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[GCPH] New Champion Mode

What's new for Grand Chasers next week?
New Champion Mode
New Boss Pets
Let's Play Champion Mode
x2 Monster Car Drop Rate
Grand Chase Olympia Event Update
Rainbow Weekend

New Champion Mode
Duration: July 31
I. Boss Pet
i. New way to acquire Pet Books
Pet Books will now randomly drop on Boss Gate monster. Please see update about Boss Gate below.
ii. New Boss Pets
New Boss Pets will be updated weekly starting this week. Please see this week’s new Boss Pet below.
iii. New Ingredient in Boss Pet Creation
Gate Ore is the additional ingredient used to create Boss Pet. It’s randomly dropped on Boss Gate monster. Please see update about Boss Gate below.
Old creation list will be deleted on August 21.
II. Boss Gate
Boss Gate appears after defeating the Boss in Champion Mode.
It is optional if a player wants to defeat the monster at Boss Gate.
To engange, simply break the door. Note that Boss Gate monster are stronger than Champion Mode boss.
If defeated, Boss Gate drops a Boss Gate Box that will give you one random chest.

Boss Gate Box
Content (Random)
Gates of Bermesiah Chest
Gates of Silver Land Chest
Gates of Ellia Chest
Gates of Xenia Chest
Gates of Archemedia Chest
Gates of Atum Chest

Gates of Bermesiah Chest Content (Random)
Reinforcement StoneGiant DrillMon Card
Refine Protection ScrollSwamp Slime Card
Special Refine ScrollElizabeth Card
Mushmon CardSkeleton Card
Treant CardZombie Orc Warrior Card
Slime CardLich Card
Goblin CardParaminimy Card
Wendy CardStone Troll Card
Stone Goblin CardParadom Card
Orc Warrior Boss CardMongban Card
Harpy CardGaikoz Card
Harpy Queen CardGangster Crab Card
Orc CardBlue Slime Card
Orc Lord CardRed Slime Card
Gon CardMad Toad Card
Gorgon CardPoison Mushmon Card
Red Gorgos CardGhost Swordsman Card
Orc Warrior CardGhost Rifelman Card
Stone Orc CardGhost Shugenja Card
Troll CardGhost Samurai Card
Drillmon CardGaikoz Card *new*

Gates of Silver Land Chest (Random)
Reinforcement StoneViolet Pixie Card
Refine Protection ScrollMystic Golem Card
Special Refine ScrollNess Card
Grade 7 Refine ScrollPoison Spider Hatchling Card
Grade 8 Refine ScrollCarnivorous Sapling Card
Giant Mosquito CardPoison Mosquito Card
Ent Minimi CardBlack Wendy Card
Distorted Ent CardAntoinette Card
Tree of Life CardPoison Spider Queen Card
Fire Spider CardFrenzied Orc Card
Poison Spider CardFrenzied Orc Warrior Card
Skeleton Fighter CardMagma Paradom Card
Black Fairy Queen CardThaitaros Card
Caster Lobster CardDrake Card
Electric Hungry Ghost CardBlack Knight Spearman Card
Emerald Lobster CardBlack Knight Guardsman Card
Coralmon CardDark Priest Initiate Card
Kancer CardBlack Tempest Card
Marsh Goblin CardVictor Card
Fog Spirit CardDark Emissary Card
Violet Fairy CardVictor Card *new*

Gates of Ellia Chest Content (Random)
Reinforcement StoneGardosen Card
Refine Protection ScrollKC Dark Mage Card
Special Refine ScrollDark Troll Card
Grade 7 Refine ScrollDark Gorgos Card
Grade 8 Refine ScrollJin KazeAaze Card
Grade 9 Refine ScrollSkeleton Archer Card
Grade 10 Refine ScrollSkeleton Knight Card
Elite Anmon Scout CardFire Golem Card
Armor Lobster CardCyclops Card
Hungry Ghost CardUK Mini Stone Golem Card
Mini Ice Golem CardUK Paraminimy Card
Partusay CardSkeleton Archer Boss Card
Dark Anmon Scout CardSkeleton Knight Boss Card
Elena CardUK Paradom Card
Kamiki CardGiant Stone Golem Card
Mongban Leader CardArmor Cat Card
Mini Fire Golem CardViolent Orc Warrior Card
Basilisk CardBLS Black Fairy Queen Card
Dark Anmon Guard CardBLS Orc Lord Card
Dark Mongban CardDark Armon Card
Hell Lich CardDark Armon Card *new*

Gates of Xenia Chest (Random)
Reinforcement StoneKencru Card
Refine Protection ScrollHammermon Card
Special Refine ScrollMagmon Card
Grade 7 Refine ScrollZig Card
Grade 8 Refine ScrollFreezing Kencru Card
Grade 9 Refine ScrollFreezing Savior Tooth Card
Grade 10 Refine ScrollEndarion Card
Grade 11 Refine ScrollShark Aron Card
Grade 12 Refine ScrollJuriore Card
Native Spearman CardGiant Worm Card
Carnivorous Plant Jr. CardMistone Card
Native Leader CardDK Mark-I Card
Beholder CardGiant Card
Moss Monster CardPeriett Card
Mutated Skeleton CardPoison Thorn Vinemon Card
Lenasien CardDecoy Card
Octus CardDK mark-II Card
Fanatic Guardsman CardWooden Card
Fanatic Priest CardDark Strom Card
Fanatic Bomber CardFurious Storm Card
Spinemon CardDivine Tree Card
Vanessa CardGagoil Card
Zen CardSataniel Warrior Card
Assassin Fighter CardHigh-level Dark Priest Card
Assassin Scout CardHera Card
Nagamon CardEvilis Card
Bultaros CardThanatos Card
Rocher CardAstaroth Card *new*

Gates of Archemedia Chest (Random)
Reinforcement StoneIron Dwarf Overseer Card
Refine Protection ScrollFire Hammer Driller Card
Special Refine ScrollPower Shovel Card
Grade 7 Refine ScrollSentry No.1 Card
Grade 8 Refine ScrollSentry No.2 Card
Grade 9 Refine ScrollTechnical Guard Card
Grade 10 Refine ScrollThunder Hammer Rifleman Card
Grade 11 Refine ScrollThunder Hammer Defender Card
Grade 12 Refine ScrollSoldier Guard Machine Card
Grade 13 Refine ScrollAron Card
Grade 14 Refine ScrollWerewolf Berserker
Black Wood Assassin CardWerewolf
Fire Hammer Smith CardWerewolf Mage
Fire Hammer Berserker CardVairne
Spider Guard Machine CardDrall
Talin Poolguard CardAron Card *new*
Iron Dwarf Engineer Card

Gates of Atum Chest (Random)
Reinforcement StoneTunnel Dinergate Card
Refine Protection ScrollTunnel Larva Card
Special Refine ScrollTunnel Hugate Card
Grade 7 Refine ScrollScorpis Card
Grade 8 Refine ScrollHatshepsut Card
Grade 9 Refine ScrollKungji Card
Grade 10 Refine ScrollMagic Kungji Card
Grade 11 Refine ScrollBig Kungji Card
Grade 12 Refine ScrollGuardian Kungji Card
Grade 13 Refine ScrollElder Kungji Card
Grade 14 Refine ScrollSand Ergate Card
Stone Clan Goblin CardSand Dinergate Card
Stone Clan Goblin Fighter CardScorping Card
Stone Clan Goblin Worker CardFrillzard Card
Death Prior CardGiant Frillzard Card
Blutus CardSand King Card
Setesh CardElder Kungji Card*new*
Tunnel Ergate Card

New Boss Pet
Duration: July 31
Victor and Dark Amon will be this week’s new Boss Pet.

Let’s Play Champion Mode!
Duration: July 31 – Aug. 8 (before maintenance)
During this event period, get x2 credits for clearing Champion Mode on Ellia and Silver Land.
This let’s you earn Title much faster.

x2 Monster Card Drop Rate
Duration: July 31 – Aug. 8 (before maintenance)
Monster Card drop rate will double in Champion Mode in Ellia and Silver Land

Grand Chase Olympia Event *update*
Duration: Aug. 2 – 3
Boss Gate Gold Medal will drop randomly when players defeat Boss Gate monster.
Free Champion Mode – no tickets will be consumed.

Aug. 2ThursdayClear Boss Gate (Solo)
Aug. 3FridayClear Boss Gate (Team)

Rainbow Weekend
Duration: Aug 3 – 5
On a given time each day, all modes are activated.
+20% EXP for Dungeon Runs
+20% EXP for PVP Matches
+20% Dungeon Drop Rate
+50% Elemental Necklace Upgrading Rate
-+30% GP for Dungeon Runs and PVP Matches
Enter the Champion Mode without consuming any Champion Mode tickets
+50% Reinforcement Upgrading Rate

PM 06:00 ~PM 07:00
PM 03:00 ~PM 04:00
PM 03:00 ~PM 04:00

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