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[GCPH] 3/7/12 Patch Notes~♪

Classes were suspended, and now I'm able to post the patch notes for this week's maintenance /heh
Oh, credits to LU! for this ^__^ 

Content Update~
*Serdin School Avatar

*Cash Conversion Reward
*Queen of Serdin's Knight Tournament
*Heroic Dungeon Madness (Weekend)

*Dice Event
*Card Shuffle
*Card Chest Packages

*Kerby Gacha
*Reinforcement Booster Event

Bug Fixes/Improvements~
[UI] Changed Avatar NPC to Misty.
[Skill-Tree] Common Skills of MP character won't be conuted on Available SP Left because Common skill of MP characters is not limited to Job. 
[Tool Tip]Available SP Left.(Remaining skill points available for this job. Excluding Common skill) 
SP used (Skill points used for this job. Excluding Common skill)"
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