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[GCKR] Summer Update Schedule / Project: Beginning of Evolution

Annyeong Haseyo Guys!!!... Today GM Mocha Finally Revealed the Schedules of the Upcoming Summer Update (as if we didn't know already.) As a response to the Interview we Posted waaayyy earlier... which is the Interview with "Kim gi don", which is on this Link: 

[GCKR] AdventZ News 07.21.2012 / New UI, Upcoming Updates, and more

Gm Mocha made it Clearer for us to know...

Interview Preview

Hello AdventZ!!... Today we release our New Section the "AdventZ News!" Section where we would like to give you the on the news about Grand Chase and games, and may give you awesome informations about projects of your favorite game developer and publisher Netmarble - KoG.

We will work hard to give you your regular dose of informations on this new section and we hope you will tune in every now and then for more issues of the new AdventZ News! fromerly known as "GC ExtraZ"

On the News on AdventZ:

CJ E & M Netmarble (the Institute of sector representatives, www.netmarble.net), and the Online Game Service developed by KoG - Grand Chase has released a Major Update this past July 19, 2012

Massive update 'the beginning of evolution' is composed of three steps in total, 1. 4 new Secret Skills will be revealed for the characters 2. The Hybridization of the MP Characters and latly 3. the User- Interface and Experience of Gameplay Reorganization

First, The Characters that have been converted to become a hybrid Type is now divided into 4 skills and can be triggered by shortcut of "Z" Charging

Balance between PVP Fights and Dungeons is expected to be implemented, and also the implementations of the System which will emphasize each character's personalities is expected to come...

In addition, four special Moves and Secret Skills are added, and we can expect for the next two months to be a dual month that is full of reorganizations and Revamps.

And Another is the User-Interface (UI) and user Gameplay Experience to increase the ease of players while playing, will be expected to be implemented this August 2, 2012.

Another Update of Grand Chase to be implemented is to have the Better cooler and wider resolution screen. and an Item will be added to increase the usefulness of the Storage warehouse, and adding a "Sort" button  to now automatically sort the warehouse' items to be orgnaized and maintain a cleaner warehouse.
Couple of Skill Trees to come and several Lists of upcoming dungeons, and user will now easily and readily use the smart features to be added.

Netmarble's "Kim Gi Don.", head of the "Grand Chase seasons, said, " This Coming Updates will surely bring you pleasant gaming experience in the gaming enironment and experience the New Characters like you've never felt like before... The New Season, Please Enjoy...  "he said.

So That's it for now... Stay Tuned for more Inside Scoops on AdventZ News!

This is CharmSprite Signing Off.

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