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[GCKR] MP Characters Conversion to AP+MP Hybrid

Hi, This is Grand Chase.

Tomorrow is the Patch for July 19 and well Convert your MP Characters to an AP+MP Hybrid Type Characters

※MP Slots will be increased to four slots

    Elesis, Lire and Arme's conversion is also in progress

What type of hybrid?

- Hybrid like Lime where you can Trigger your skills in two ways

A. Immediately use the skills of using shortcuts (shortcut keys A, S, D, F)

- Using keyboard shortcuts If you used the skill cooldown skill will occur.

- The skill tree pane shortcuts can be set according to the skill

Two. Using the skills by charging  Z

- Like how it was used to be you can also charge your MP to use skills.

- Skill cooldown does not occur.

-Even after another skill can be triggered by charging even during a cooldown

The Characters that uses A button will be changed to C

- A key was using the existing skills have been large changes in the C key.

- The C button is changed to Left Alt Key

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