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[GCKR] Balancements

Balance on July 26 has been revamped up to the last character.
All Character's Revamps have been planned but requires to have a major planning and needs more time.... but here we will give you a little less revamp updates.
The Changes will be implemented every week.
If you have some suggestions please help yourselves.. we are open

[July 26]
When in PVP House Fruit buffs take effect a little less... and fruit buffs take more effect while in dungeons.
When amy dies a bug has been fixed so that she can't change modes

[August 2]
A list of Improvements are currently being planned on... please come back later.

Protection of Fire skill bugs will be fixed.
Wizard's Doll and Fireball will now have Mp Consumption to prevent from spamming.

Viken, Sentinel, Genocider's quick change mode will be implemented..
Sentinel and Viken's double dash range is being planned

Ether's cooldown adjustment to prevent Ley users from flying/ hovering

"Howling Gale" Damage Adjustment
Dash Attack's Range/ Damage adjustment

MP consumption adjustment at the counter should not attribute the probability
 MP recovery rate adjustment
Adjusts based on stats when in PVP


Coming soon.
Revamps of all characters
and Revamps of all pets...


huhuhu.. I can't fly with ley now... T^T
but at least luxus will be balanced... KKKKKKK
too bad for Fireball spammers :P

-CharmSprite yeyo!
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