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[THGC] Monster Train 301

Hello again, UnorthodoX is back.
This week's updates are Monster Train 301, Red Black Dragon Package, and Ancient Potion sales.

1. New Event Dungeon: Monster Train 301
Duration: May 31st - June 14th

There are four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Hell.

In Hell Mode, you can't use any potions, bonus recharges, or Natal rings.

Players must have at least one "Express ticket" to enter this dungeon.

The ticket can be found in dungeons, or can be received from the first log-in.

There are five rooms in the dungeon:

1st room

2nd room

3rd room

4th room

The fifth room can only be accessed when players have Monster Train 301 Golden Ticket, which can be dropped from Golden Slime, the normal boss, and first log-in during the 2nd - 6th of June.

5th room


←Normal rewards     Special rewards→

Rare rewards

Hell-mode-only rewards

Underworld Gem can be used to upgrade the attendant set from Rare to Epic.

Attendant's Uniform and accessories set

The dungeon's pet: Lil' Jack

Monster Cards:

Clear this dungeon 100 times to get the crest! (or randomly get it when play in Hell Mode)

During the event period, layers will receive Monster Train 301 Mission, complete it to get rewards!

2. Red Black Dragon set and Ancient Potions package sales
Duration: May 31st - June 14th

During the event period, Ancient Potion Package will be sold.

R. Black Dragon Package also sells alongside it. It contains R.Black Dragon's Necklace, R.Black Dragon's Ring, and R.Black Dragon's Mask.

+9 effect

GC Costume Contest has also announced the result. Let's see who are the winners.

Male Class




Female Class




Popular Vote



Lucky Draw winners have not yet announced.

That's all for this week.

PS. A part of balance patch has been updated into the server: Boss' health bar varies due to number of players. More players, more health.

Solo Run - 45 bars

4 people run - 89 bars

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