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[THGC] Leviathan

Hello everyone, UnorthodoX is back.
This week's updates are Leviathan, Raccoon Tornado Event, and Cash rewards.

1. Dio's 3rd Job: Leviathan
Duration: June 21st onward

Dio's 3rd job is now available for you to unleash his ultimate power as your command!
Both GP and Cash job change missions can now be bought in shop.

Dio All-In-One Package is sold for a week.

Exp+20% when Leviathan's emblem pops up in dungeon!

Atk+10% for all Dio players, and also free skill reset!

2. Raccoon Tornado
Duration: June 21st - July 5th

Raccoon's Slot Machine is back! Test your luck with him and win rare prices!

Access the mini-game through the icon in the menu bar.

A Raccoon Tornado Coin is needed for playing. It can be bought in shop and is obtained at the first log-in.

Mini-game screen
1. Close
2. Choose Characters
3. Refill Coins
4. Lucky 7 Point
5. Playing Slots
6. Start/Stop button
7. Rewards list

Match three of the same image to win that price.
Failing to match will give you 10 Mystery Potion L, and one Lucky 7 point. Gaining 5 Lucky 7 Points will increase the rate of obtaining rare prices.

Rewards List

Highest reward: Cherry Blossom Ring

Legend Rank
Atk - 300
Def - 150
Vit -150
Lv.60 properties
Random Properties function available

3. VIP Cash Rewards
Duration: June 21st - July 11st

The cash consuming event has returned!

Access the detail screen through menu bar.

Rewards List

Reflection Mirror
Atk - 90
Def - 0
Vit - 45

That's all for this week.

Ps. Spoil of the month.
- Clara Gacha
- Dice Board
- Card Fusion
- Mystery of Illusion (3rd Hero Dungeon?)
- Daily Mission (What is this?)
- Pet's Revolt
- New Character (Rin, of course)

The first three are confirmed. The rest will come soon.

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