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[NAGC]06/27/12 Patch Notes

Grand Chase Patch Notes 


* Asins Sealed Secrets.
- Asin's new sealed abilities can now be unlocked.
 - Reach lvl 50 with Asin and automatically receive his Sealed Secrets mission.
 - Complete the various stages of the mission in order to unlock his sealed skills

* Aquatic Dodgeball! (6/26 ~ 7/24)
- New mini game "GC Aquatic Dodgeball" has been added to the Mini Game tab.
 - Get 10 water balloons each day at first log in and 5 additional water balloons every 10 minutes while logged in.
 - Score as many points as possible in order to unlock some great new rewards.

* Independence Day Celebration Event! (6/27 ~ 7/10)
- Receive a set of signboards in the mail to help celebrate this event.
 - Collect Flag coins from dungeons and turn them in to the Lincoln Memorial in the Park.
 - Players will receive a reward buff at the end of the event based on how many coins were collected.
 - Check out the event page on the website for information on sales and other special discount that will be offered throughout this event.

* Necklace Reinforcement UI overhaul.
- The necklace reinforcement UI has been improved in order to make it quicker and more convenient to use.
 - Get a free Choco'Brick bar every day at first log in. (6/26 ~ 7/10)
 - All cash necklaces and anklets have had their price discounted by 20% during this event (6/26 ~ 7/10)

* Tropical Paradise & Beach Sports Fusion Packages. - New Tropical Paradise and Beach Sports fusion sets have been added to the Coordishop for all characters.
 - Permanent version of these sets will be available for a very limited time (6/27 ~ 7/10)

 - Tropical Paradise Fusion Set (All)
 - Beach Sports Fusion Set (All)
 - Water Balloon Package (50)
 - Water Balloon Package (30)
 - Water Balloon Package (10)
 - Water Cannon (500 Times)

 - Water Cannon (100 Times)


(Click the image for the full event details)

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