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[NAGC] 06/19 Update & Red Fox Cape Announcement

Nothing much this week, they just added the Gp mission of Asin and some of his Coordishop Items .

Attention Knights!

Here is a quick update + announcement regarding what was patched for 06/19.

[Red Fox Cape Announcement]
Properties on the Red Fox Cape have been reset! For those of you that had Hell Spear, it has been locked on to the item but it will show as not being available!

Please make sure to follow the following directions.

If the cape had Hell Spear
*Pick you properties. (The ones you do want)
*Click OK and Done
*The properties you have chosen and Hell Spear should appear with the green check mark.

If the cape didn't have Hell Spear
*Pick your properties or click Select Random

*Asin GP Mission Event
 - The Asin GP Mission will only be available from 06/20 until 07/17
 - The mission MUST BE completed before or by 07/17.
 - Any incomplete missions will be removed during 07/17 maintenance
 - The Asin GP Mission will be removed from Shop, Inventories, and Mission Registries.

*Asin Coordishop Items and Sets
 - Timed and Permanent versions available.
 - Permanent versions will be available for 2 weeks and will be removed on 07/03.

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