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[IDGC]Challenger event , PvP Event and More

Sorry i'm late.

Sang Penantang (Challenger) Event
Event Period: 14 June-2 August

During event period you can buy any of This package (one for each character)

(Take Amy's Package as sample)
 Sang Penantang Super Package(Around 1USD)         Sang Penantang Package

Sang Penantang Super Package contains:


Epic Signboard,Deleted after event period.

50 Pieces

7 Days

Sang Penantang Package contains:

And here is the challenge:

Click Ok Button from this Mission
Your character (1 character , depend on which character package that you buy) will be reset to level 1.
Your challenge is to level-up the charater to lv 70 before 2 August.
After you 
accomplished  the challenge, you will get: Super Hero Signboard if you accomplished from  Sang Penantang Super Package
(Legend, Permanent, Random properties [as powerful as lv 80])
 Hero Signboard if you accomplished from  Sang Penantang Package (GP Package)
(Epic,Permanent,Random properties [as powerful as lv 40])

10 First person to accomplished the challenge will get his/her statues put on park


  • You can only bought 1 package for 1 character
  • When you turn your character lv to lv 1 , it can't turn back to original state
  • The armor that you currently use will be release (not deleted) and the skill tree will be reset (The box that you have unlocked will not be lock again)
  • Job level will not be reset 
Make sure you understand the challenge before accept it

Daily PvP Event

Event Period: 14 - 27 June 2012

everyday during event period , you will recieve a mission:

Consist of 10 Step:

Do PvP! (no need to win)
1 Day

Get 1 KO (no need to win)
1 Piece

Get 3 KO (no need to win)
1 Piece

Win 1 PvP match!
1 Piece

Get 5 KO (no need to win)
1 Piece

Get 8 KO (no need to win)
1 Piece

Win 2 PvP Matches
1 Piece

Get 10 KO (no need to win)
1 Piece

Get 10 KO (no need to win)
1 Piece

Win 3 PvP Matches
1 Piece

You can do the mission again after you complete the last step
All mission will be deleted after event period , make sure you finish them all

New PvP MapKounat Secret Arena and Underworld PvP map have been added to the game

Rin Event:

How to get Rin:
Do GP Mission or Cash Mission

 Rin Cash Mission  (around 9 USD)                           Finish it with 1 gem

        1st Step:
         Rin GP Mission                 Collect 50 Rin Lesser Spirit Orb (Battle of Bermesiah Very Hard)
                    2nd Step:
                                                 Collect 50 Rin Greater Spirit Orb (Xenia Border Very Hard))

Red Karma Avatar Package Sale (around 12 USD)
Well, We got it free if we create Rin Mission Coupon (Rin Pre-Event)
 Red Karma avatar set and Rin Cash Mission

Rin  Level Up Event

LevelReward ImageReward
Level 1Grand Chase Necklace 3 Days
Level 10
Second Gear Ring 10 Pieces
Level 20Alchemy Scroll 1  Pieces
+7 Reinforce Scroll 1 Pieces
Level 30Special Reinforce Chance Up Scroll 1 Pieces
+9 Reinforce Scroll  1 Pieces
Level 40Special Alchemy Scroll 1 Pieces
Level 50Oriental Fan 1  Pieces  (Lv 50, Epic)

Water Balloon Event

Event Period:7 June-21 June 2012(Before Maintenance)

How to play:
  1. Click Menu (Upper Right)
  2. Choose Minigames
  3. Choose Water Balloon Event
You need Water Balloon to play it.

How to Get it:
  1. You get 10 on the first login of the day
  2. You get 5 after 10 minute of playing (automatically give to the minigames)(max:150/day)
  3. Buy in shop (Inventory)
  1. Partusay target.Move partusay Left/Right and press space bar to throw the ball
  2. Total Score
  3. Water Balloon left
  4. Score Needed to next Reward
  5. Special Reward List
Here is the full list:
 3001 Piece 5001 Piece
 8001 Piece  
 10001 Piece
 12001 Piece 15001 Piece
 17001 Piece 19001 Piece
 22001 Piece 24001 Piece
 27001 Piece 29001 Piece
 32001 Piece 35002 Pieces
 37002 Pieces   40001 Piece
 42002 Pieces 45002 Pieces
 48002 Pieces 51001 Piece
 53002 Pieces 56002 Pieces
 59002 Pieces 62003 Hari
 65002 Pieces 68003 Pieces
 70001 Pieces 73003 Pieces
 76003 Pieces 79003 Pieces
 82001 Piece 85003 Pieces
 88003 Pieces 92001 Piece
 95003 Pieces 98003 Pieces
101003 Pieces104001 Piece
107003 Pieces111003 Pieces
114003 Pieces117003 Pieces
120003 Pieces124003 Pieces
127003 Pieces131003 Pieces
134003 Pieces137001 Piece
141003 Pieces144003 Pieces
148003 Pieces151003 Pieces
155003 Pieces159003 Pieces
162003 Pieces166003 Pieces
169003 Pieces173001 Piece
177003 Pieces181003 Pieces
184003 Pieces188003 Pieces
192003 Pieces196003 Pieces
200003 Pieces204003 Pieces
207003 Pieces211001 Piece
215003 Pieces219003 Pieces
223003 Pieces227003 Pieces
231003 Pieces236003 Pieces
240003 Pieces244003 Pieces
248003 Pieces252001 Pieces
256003 Pieces261003 Pieces
265003 Pieces 269003 Pieces
273003 Pieces278003 Pieces
282003 Pieces287003 Pieces
291003 Pieces295001 Piece
300003 Pieces304003 Pieces
309003 Pieces313003 Pieces
318003 Pieces323003 Pieces
327003 Pieces332003 Pieces
336003 Pieces341001 Piece
346003 Pieces351003 Pieces
355003 Pieces360003 Pieces
365003 Pieces370003 Pieces
375003 Pieces380001 Piece
384003 Pieces389003 Pieces
394003 Pieces399003 Pieces
404003 Pieces409003 Pieces
414003 Pieces420001 Piece
425003 Pieces430003 Pieces
435003 Pieces440003 Pieces
445003 Pieces451003 Pieces
456003 Pieces461001 Piece
466003 Pieces472003 Pieces
477003 Pieces483003 Pieces
488003 Pieces493003 Pieces
499003 Pieces504001 Piece

Top Reward

This box consist of below (Can only choose one) and for Only one character

Korean Culture Event (week 1)

Event Period:7 June-14 June 2012
Korean Culture Event will occur in 1 month
Each week with different mission and reward
Activate the mission that is given to you in the inventory

and follow it's step
Mission Nameexplanation
East Gate 1
Complete any dungeon in Silver Land or Ellia Continent for 3 times
East Gate 2
Defeat enemy within 2 less than your level to 2 more than your level
East Gate 3
Complete any dungeon in Silver Land or Ellia Continent for 5 times

Reward for completing step 3:

Sellion Gacha Encore

They brought back Sellion Gacha
Just like ordinary Seal Breaker Gacha
and of course it's available for Rin too

change in park (7 June-21 June)
there are Huge Sellion in the park
Bubble Text: What are you looking at!!


My real name: Secret
In Game Name: Suiro (IDGC)

Please give me some critic or advise


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