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[GCBR] Astaroth, Puzzle, and Lilith's return!

Get the pets Lilith, and Nix! Plus, the puzzle returns!

Ending Date: June 26th, 2012

The Board Jigsaw is back bringing several special prizes for you. It can be accessed through the Events menu.

During the period, you will receive a random Puzzle Piece a day when you first log in to the game. You can also create one in the crafting menu, or buy them from the cash shop!

• Part 1 Package - Contains the parts number 1, 2 and 3
Price: 20 CASH

• Parts Pack 2 - Contains the pieces number 4, 5 and 6
Price: 20 CASH

• Pack of three parts - Contains the parts number 7, 8 and 9
Price: 20 CASH

• Parts Special Package - Contains all parts 1-9
Price: 50 CASH
Rounding out the tray, you can rescue one of the following random prizes:
Book: Thanatos Jr.
Letter from Lilith
(Avitus) Heavenly Wings
Key Talent
Return Letter of Talent
Queen's Jewels
Onyx of Bermesiah
Onyx of Silver Land
Onyx of Ellia
Onyx of Xenia
Ticket Heroic
Book: Gaikoz Jr.
Book: Krako Jr.
Book: Cazeaje Jr.
HP Potion (G)
New Club GC

You still win. even if you do not complete Puzzle. Each spare part can be exchanged for a prize, according to the table below:

1: 2 HP potions
2: Heroic Bullion
3: 2 MP potions
4: Removers(?)
5: Ellia Orb
6: 2 Mysterious Potions
7: Mysterious Potion
8: Xenia Orb
9: Resurrection Bonuses. 

In addition to these awards, if you get two letters Lilith, you can use them in Item Creation System to create the charter of its counterpart, the mascot Nix! (? I don't know....)

Have fun and earn prizes for this special event!

Team Level Up!


Currently, Astaroth is the greatest villain of Grand Chase. When it was still Bardinard and was the Prime Minister of Kounat, his wild ambition to become a god caused the destruction of the kingdom, leading the dwarves and elves  in war by killing their leaders. Even Mari was in disbelief

Then he took refuge in Xenia, Thanatos manipulated him until he gets strong enough to become an evil god. He soon became corrupt and destroyed the other gods in Silver Land; everything to get the Soul Stone. Finally, he opened the gates that separated the Elyos Emas (? I don't know what that is...), allowing the invasion of demonic tribes, to help him take the Soul Stone from our beloved Mari. Finally, after spreading so much evil, he finally changed his mind and decided to move to the side of the heroes of Grand Chase. Okay, not exactly "Astaroth" who turned his coat, but his Jr. Version. The new pet available through the Item Creation System, which can be done with the help of items obtained in Heroic mode. New pets, like Astaroth Jr., was one of the most celebrated news of the recent overhaul of the Heroic mode. Victor Jr. and Amon Black Jr. are now available and now the small "Bardinard Jr." come join them. Just collect all the materials needed!

To make your Astaroth Jr. are in order: 100 Onyx 650 Fragments of Xenia + Portal + Jr. The Book of Astaroth attack mascot is now available in the shop.

Dark Fury (100 units)
Price: 1500 GP

Dark Fury (500 units)
Price: 50 CASH

Remember who in Xenia you can also build the mascot Thanatos Jr., joining 80 of Xenia Onyx Portal Fragments + 500 + Book of Thanatos Jr.

To celebrate the emergence of the new enhancement, we prepared a special event in the region's natural mascot. Check out:

Event Period: June 19th, 2012

During the period, each game played in Heroic Mode stages of Xenia will double to receive securities. Moreover, all the monsters in the region are at twice the chance to take down your cards!

Gather your friends and have fun!

Team Level Up!

First BGC Post, o.e Sorry if it's the wrong format or something, and sorry if it's a bit late, I haven't been on GC lately.



I accept this mission.

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