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Astaroth Bardinar

Astaroth Bardinar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . An Asmodian elven-human, The first and last king and ruler of Kounat Civilization. A former friend of Grandiel, in search for great power he stole the legendary artifact of kounat called the "ernas hammer". He has been warned by grandiel that noone can control the power of the ernas hammer, but refused to listen. So grandiel decided to flee the land and take as much as he can, and so bardinar finally used the hammer. But uncontrollably caused a big explosion from the center of kounat, thus destroying everything in its path, and destroying itself. Noone knows how astaroth managed to survive and the almost genocide of the asmodian race. Today, in search for more power, he stole the mari's soul stone, but only mari can control the stone, leaving mari without her soul stone, unconcious once again
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