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[THGC] New events come with new semester!

Hello everyone, UnorthodoX is back.
Like the title says, it is already new semester for most schools, but I still have another week of holiday though... *sigh*

This week's updates are Victorian Gacha Redux, Free characters and class change missions, and the brand new costume contest.

1. Victorian Gacha Redux
Duration: May 17th - May 31st

(After a long wait, this set is finally back...)

The available levels of the set are from 30 - 80, which ruins the dream of those who wants to open the lv.10 set for avatar.

Obtain all parts so you can get the Gothic doll pet: Francoise

2. Free Chars mission and Class change
Duration: May 17th - May 24th

The event is simple, log-in everyday to collect "Evidence of Hero", which is the material to craft "Character Box" and "Magic Book of 2nd job".

Evidence of Hero

The amount of item(s) you will receive each day.

Materials needed.

Magic Book of 2nd job

Instantly promotes your characters to 2nd class, but you won't get rewards in the normal mission.

A big note for this: you must re-enter the game to complete the class change.

Character Box

Inside, there will be cash missions of every unlockable characters for you to choose.

Complete its quest to obtain new character!
(1 gem, of course)

Since the key item can only be obtained by first log-in in each day, the maximum amount will be 21, so use them wisely.

3. Costume Contest
Duration: Until May 24th
Vothing/Sharing in Facebook:  May 25th - June 1st
Winners announcement: June 2nd

This brand new event is also simple, dress your character as best as possible (or as weird as possible), and win votes from players!

There are 2 categories in the competition:
Male Class (3 winners)
Female Class (3 winners}

Players can attend in both classes, but can win only one.

Another 2 winners are from sharing and voting on Facebook.
And, another 2 winners from Lucky Draw, which has different rewards.

For the first 8 winners, the rewards are:

Permanent Maid/Butler full avatar set + Permanent transparent set

And for the Lucky Draw winners, Grand Chase Original Soundtrack Limited Edition will be yours to keep.

Rewards for every attended players:

Clear Fusion Chest

Choose one transparent avatar, lasts for 7 days.

And 7-day Maid/Butler full avatar set.

That's all for this week.

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