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[THGC] Boss gate return and New PVP map

Hello again guys UnorthodoX is here.
I'm really sorry for late post because I was busy with some stuffs in a new semester... D':

Anyway, let's get to the updates: Boss gate and Cownat Secret Arena

1. New PVP map: Cownat Secret Arena

New map has been added into PVP! Playing in this map during this week will give you 20% exp bonus!
(Oddly, practice mode doesn't have this map...)

Rank Reset card is now permanently sold in shop.

2. Boss Gate Return

Duration: May 24th - May 31st

During the event period, you might find the Boss Gate, which when destroyed, the boss will come out. Defeat it to get the continent card box!

*Name of the continent*'s Boss Gate Box

Randomly give you a monster card from the named continent.

That's all for this week.

Ps. Currently, Fashion Fever contest is now on its voting/sharing step. You can see the 60 finalists in GCThai Facebook page (30 Males, 30 Females).
Unexpectedly, I'm one of the males' finalists...
Don't misunderstand me, I'm not begging for votes. Just want all of you to go and have a look...

(Seriously, I really don't understand GMs' styles of fashion...)

The first two albums which have the number 30 in front.

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