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[NAGC] 05/16/12 Patch Notes

Grand Chase Patch Notes


* Dungeon Party Event (5/17 ~ 5/29)
 - Get a new mission scroll each day you log in.
 - Complete the missions in a party with 2 or more people and get rewards.
 - Unused mission scrolls will be removed during maintenance on 5/29.

* Black Dragon Accessories Sale! (5/17 ~ 5/29)
 - New Black Dragon Masks, Rings, and Necklaces have been added to the shop.

 - SP All Reset Card(All)
 - Black Dragon's Blue Necklace
 - Black Dragon's Red Necklace
 - Black Dragon's Mask
 - Black Dragon's Ring

[Game Adjustments]
 - In order to fully implement some of the recent changes made to Dio's Skill Tree, all Dio's have had their Skill Trees reset.
 - With the recent changes to Dio's skill tree, all players that had purchased a SP Reset Card from 5/8 ~ 5/16 are being compensated with an SP All Reset Card.
 - SP All Reset Cards have been added to the shop.

and also, there are some Avatar eggs w/ Rapt'r Logo on it were patched   (there is also an Egg for the 16th character of Grand Chase Azin)

that's all for now
bye --- jov

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