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Lire, chosen among the elves to make the Chase. Little is known of this elf expert in archery, but the KOG 'already showed some images of characters who seem to have connection with the girl pointed ears and green eyes. Time to roll the chest and discover a little girl's past foreign language.

Born and raised in the isolated island of Eryuell, Lire Eruel demonstrates calm and sensitivity to deal with his companions in addition to being rational enough time to deal with problems. Eryuel Island is home to the most skilled elves, who have enough wisdom and connection with nature and the universe magical and spiritual. By maintaining a pacifist stance and live away from the continent, did not maintain direct relations with humans.

But when the war spread across the continent corrupting and ravaging cities, the elders of the Council of Elvish Eryuell decided to intervene when they felt threatened by the forces of evil. On the island, the Elven Patrol was established as a force tactics and made ​​the biggest and most skilled archers aiming to restore peace. Lire joined the group specialized in archery to follow in the footsteps of his brother, a true master of the arrows.

The Queen of Darkness, Cazeaje, spreading his evil power to various locations with his army, and to investigate the advance of enemy forces young Lire, for having distinguished themselves in combat with Bow and Arrow, received his first mission, was chosen by elders to join the newly formed group of elite Grand Chase.

And since the story of a great hunt with Lire has been followed by us players. But life was like the blond elf in the Pacific Island Eryuell, who is his brother, and who were his friends?

Images reveal a little of the past master at archery ...

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