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Knight - Gary's Version

Obtained: Base Job (No Quest Required)
Level Obtained: 0
  • "Are you ready?"
  • "Are you feeling scared yet?"
  • "I'll show you the true meaning of fear!"
  • "Here I go!"
  • "You're no match for me!"

Knight Characteristics

Elesis is feared by her enemies for her powerful attack skills that instantly wipe out entire groups of monsters. She leads her team at the front line of battle, advancing against enemies while defending her allies against enemy Archers and Mages. When she charges her enemies, they go down without having a chance to retaliate. Elesis has 80% more defense points against Archer’s arrows, and suffers the least amount of delay among the Grand Chase members when inflicted with powerful damage from enemies.

Knight Skills


Has a 5 hit combo.
Has a type of Aerial Combo.
Has an infinite Combo, which causes delay on the last hit.

Regular Skills

Lv.1 Skill - Mega Slash
Knight’s 1st grade skill that consists of three sword thrusts, followed by a powerful downward blow. This skill inflicts a decent amount of damage despite its low grade, and the momentary invincibility during the delay after this attack can be used to the player’s advantage.
  • Unlike many other skills, Mega Slash hits 5 times if the skill goes out well.
  • Mega Slash has so much delay, that most targets can easily avoid it.
  • Most people use it for invincible frames, rather than just damage.
Lv.2 Skill - Sonic Wave
Knight’s 2nd grade skill that enables the user to shoot a powerful pillar of fire from her sword at multiple enemies. This skill can also inflict damage to other enemies behind the targeted enemies, and is perfect to reverse situations in which Knights are cornered by enemies.
  • The Wave deals critical damage, and can penetrate through targets.
  • However, the Wave has limited range; only a few feet infront of the user.
Lv.3 Skill - Air Spiral
Knight's 3rd grade skill enables the user to jump high to deliver a crushing downward blow from the air. This skill is very effective on enemies that are positioned higher than the user. Air Spiral has greater attack strength than Sword Fire, but suffers from a lower accuracy rate. This skill is used more frequently to battle giant monsters in Dungeon Mode rather than in PvP mode.
  • The user will leap up into the air, shooting a wave, and then drop back down diagonally on the other end.
  • The wave has the possibility of hitting multiple targets.

Cash Skills

Lv.1 Cash Skill - Circle Blade
Knight's 1st grade Special Skill that hits a target with a sword and send them into the air. Additional attack is possible while the target is still in the air.
  • Circle Blade is a sword slash in a Circular Movement.
  • Lifts targets into the air, making it more effective. It is possible to continue another combo after.
Lv.2 Cash Skill - Magnum Break
Knight's 2nd grade Special Skill that stabs the target multiple times and shoot a strong spinning blow to inflict fatal damage.
  • The User will rush to the target, inflicting heavy stab damage.
  • Doesn't have much of a wide range.
  • Move can be countered, but she continues the combo anyway.
Lv.3 Cash Skill - Storm Blade
Knight's 3rd grade Special Skill where the user rapidly spins and attacks a target and then hit the ground with high impact.
  • Storm Blade is a punisher type move. It has very decent range and damage.
  • This move is very promising, but not easy to rely on much.
  • There are Weapons known as "Storm Blades", which share the same name as this skill. However, the weapons are actually plural, not singular.
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