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[GCPH] New Couple Avatar Events and Mari~♪

Annyeong Haseyo~♪
Today, I, Yeul will bring you the updates that will be patched tomorrow~ (5/29/12)
So let's begin~ x3
And oh, before I forgot, credits for LU! for the announcement and images~♫

Cute~ *O*

New Couple Items~ 
Duration: May 30

✿New couple ring will be now available in the shop~


✿ Try the new couple avatar sets~ (This is soooo adorable x3)

Couple Event
Duration: May 30~June 6
✿Take note that couple must be in the same room~ 
✿At the start of the dungeon run, the couple will have a full MP bar and 20% EXP for cash rings and 10% for GP rings~

◆Let's Play Mari~♪
Duration: May 29~June 13
On your first login, you will receive the following~


◆ Free Polaris and La Geas Missions~!
Duration: May 30~June 13
✿Polaris and La Geas Missions will be available in the Shop for free~!

◆  50% Off on all Mari Cash Armor Sets and Accesories~
Duration: May 29~June 13
✿The following items are included in the 50% discount during the event period~ 
 ✿Take note that Avatar Items are not included~ ^_^

 ◆ La Geas Helps You~
Duration: May 29~June 13
✿At the start of the dungeon run, Mari the La Geas will appear~ She will randomly use her 3MP skill, Freeze Tempest~! 

◆ Rainbow Weekend Event
Duration: June 1~3
✿The following modes will be activated during the event period~!
 20% EXP for Dungeon Runs
+20% EXP for PVP Matches
+20% Dungeon Drop Rate
+50% Elemental Necklace Upgrading Rate
+30% GP for Dungeon Runs and PVP Matches
Enter the Champion Mode without consuming any Champion Mode tickets


 Another school year is fast approaching, I won't be playing frequently like before >______<
Well, I need to look for a couple now, I won't miss the couple events~ 
That's all for now, this is Yeul signing out~! ♪

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