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[GCPH] 15/03/2012 Patch Notes~♪

Annyeong Haseyo~ XD
After eons of slumber, I've returned again :3
(Thanks Jov for posting the notes, updates that I'm supposed to post while I'm away :3)
Anywhoo, GCPH servers are up as of 2:02 PM~
Today, here are the list of events and its status~♪
- Eclipse Mission Event
-Rencia Gacha
-Card Shuffle
-Limited Release of Card Chest Packages

-First Time Top-Up Ever Reward
-+20% Bonus Cash Points
-Cash Conversion Reward
-Level Up Rin
-Rin's Blessing
-Rin Avatar Package

-Ancient Scroll Event
-Pre-Signboard Event
-Rin Emblem Event
-Just in Time for Rin!

and a New log in Screen

I'm so going to get that 2nd legendary card (I wasn't able to get it in NAGC :<)
I'm looking forward to Rencia being released, however, I wasn't able to save funds for gacha >.<
(I'm still hoping for a miracle just like in the previous Rexion Gacha)
So, that's it for now~!
Bye-nii~! X3
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