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[GCKR] Dio revamp & AdventZ suggest

hello This is yet again a revamp suggested by a korean user one being the change stance revamp of ryan. an now dio....

this is the user complaint...

hehehehehehehehehehe.... Finally, The video was a failure about the nose of dio.
but other than that the graphics was great!. hahahahaha

as you can see. the revamp is all about on Dios Appearance... he now have his noble nose... and uhmmm what else is there?... can you find what has changed?

And a surprise for the AdventZ viewers!!...
Guys!. do you want to suggest anything about grand chase?.. any revamps like this you want to be done?. any complaints?. any suggestions?..

Well... Comment to this post and Well make Sure Grand Chase korea will Recieve your Suggestions and Complaints... and you might be one of the users who are given the opportunity to the complaints to be heard... (maybe those who want trading system can finally suggest.. LOL)

Comment Now Guys!. well Send it to Korea. <<<< (ENDED)

-Chow now Brown Cow!

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