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[GCKR] Azin & Patch Notes


When silver land was invaded Azin Tairin: the master of jin was seriously wounded. Azin found Tairin in the bamboo forest where he lived and saved tairin. Tairin in return thinking his past student Jin had'nt survived he taught Azin the ways of the silver knights, but eventually tairin died in battle even with Azin in his side.

From then on Azin made a promise to be better than the past student "Jin"

A series of quick attacks crippling the enemy had a close combat style of combo attacks, according to a key operation
Intuitive, easy to show the movement associated with the additional combo attacks easily accessible even for beginners.

Skills [Default]

Azin Flies into mid air and dives to hit his enemy with a serious blow

Azin will Spin continuesly emitting a blure flame in his feet causing massive continues damage to the enemy

The Bamboo Discontinuity

Azin will hide in the bamboo forest and strike his enemy rapidly when caught in the bamboo forest

[Special Technique]

"Dongwoo Suoktan" Technique

Azin collects rainwater falling from the sky and turns them to fatal weapons and fires them in all directions


I can't give you my gameplay yet. because Downloading KGC is kinda difficult.. its 2.5Gb without resume. huhuh so its gonna be a while

But i still asked permission to use the videos below to give you the best Videos of Azin's gameplay

Credits to GCRhapsody

Credits to: FlyerOkumura

credits to: zeno0012 GCTW

Weapon: Arm Guard


and some from GCTW site

Story Images


Skill Icons

Credits to GCTW

Patch Notes

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