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[GCBR] Interview with BGC Azin Voice Actor: Kumode Robson

also starred as a voice actor in:

Uchiha Sasuke in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
Glenn on The Walking Dead
Kon in Bleach
Lyre of Orpheus in Knights of the Zodiac
Eduardo Saverin ( Andrew Garfield ) in The Social Network
Kido Yuto in Super Eleven
Alex Summers / Destructor ( Lucas Till ) in X-Men: First Class
Moses in Blood +
Oliver Oken ( Mitchel Musso ) in Hannah Montanna
Robbie Shapiro / Rex ( Matt Bennett ) in Victorious

Now read the interview Robson Kumode granted especially for GCTales :

1 - How were you chosen to voice the character? I already knew the game?

Do not know the game before, but had heard. Whenever I go to anime events, and always asked me if I would do the voice of a character of Grand Chase. It was really cool to have been chosen.I have been to other events after the release of Azin, and it is amazing the number of players who recognized my work.

2 - The actor is chosen to perform a job for your personality or the resemblance to the original voice?

In my opinion, the most important is the personality, ie the interpretation. We convinced the interpretation and not by voice. The contrary, it would work 'hollow' without emotion.

3 - It is difficult to dub a character that does not move his lips?

It's actually easier. In the case of Azin, what we did was create original voice, one time we did the work without reference to any previous voice (there was also the original voice). So the work was more free. We had the opportunity to create the style of the character, based on the information we passed it. It was really cool!

4 - What did you think of the name Azin?

Azin you kill me, right? Kkkkk. I liked it. A name very different but very cool.

5 - What did you think of personality of this character?

I found it very cool. Short characters like dub, darker, sarcastic ...

6 - It was difficult to find a voice for Azin, as he proves to be bipolar?

It was easy to. I've dublei other characters in this style, like Sasuke from Naruto.

7 - How was voicing a character in an online game, since he has to play specific statements to be used on different occasions?

I had never done voice to game before. I found it very different and interesting. It'll be nice to play using a character with my voice!

8 - How is having to fit his role as actor in the context of the history and concept of the character?

It is a very difficult exercise. In the case of Grand Chase, there was no reference images, or anything. I saw only a drawing of how he was and his biography. It is an exercise in imagination.We can imagine in the context of the game and plays only with his voice.

9 - Had some difficulty dubs it?

No. It was pretty fun, actually.

10th - You enjoyed the character? You can highlight what drew the most attention to him?

Thumbs up! What caught my attention was sarcasm.

11th - know that your voice will be heard by thousands of players every day. How do you feel about that?

I find pretty funny. Because in the studio while we work, the impression is that the very few people listen to us later. It is amazing after seeing so many people hear our voice.

12 - What the chasers can expect from Azin and his work as his official voice actor?

The character is really cool, and it seems to me pretty strong too. About my work, I hope you enjoy! Really enjoyed doing this work!

On his previous works:

1 - In The Walking Dead dubs you Glenn, survivors of a zombie holocaust. How would you act if you were in his place?

Kkkkkk. I do not know if I'm ready for a zombie attack. Hahaha.

2 - The Walking Dead became a great success and her character became a major.What did you think of this evolution of character in the series?

I really enjoyed. When he appeared in the second episode, I thought he would share a point, did not think it would be a character so important!

3 - You voiced many series, especially for teenagers. As it is with your fans?

It's funny, 'cause the actor is not really famous. It is an anonymous fame. A few people are interested in knowing who is the voice behind the character and add to social networks, etc.. But we are not so famous.

4 - As part of Naruto, an anime huge success, with so intense a character like Sasuke?

It was really cool! Mainly because I'm a fan of the series. Hahaha. Sasuke really enjoy doing!

5 - Bleach In Your character does not appear much, but he had a comic side. How was it dubs?

It is very difficult to dub. Because he speaks very fast and shouted, and has many sudden changes of interpretation. But I love to do. I enjoy a lot, I laugh a lot.

6 - What about their participation in the Knights of the Zodiac, which has to comment?

It was really cool dub CDZ, mainly because it was an anime that marked my childhood! It was very nostalgic! And it was really nice talking to Seiya and ask him to protect Athena. :)

7 - What are the work done by you that you most marked? If you can name at least one in the series in anime and movies.

There are many characters! It's really difficult to highlight a few. But the most recent, I believe that Glenn in The Walking Dead, Naruto and Sasuke in Eduardo's social network.

8 - The GCTales is the largest and oldest site of Grand Chase the country, and the server is the most played Brazil in the world . What you leave a message for players and fans of our site?

Use the Azin to play! Kkkkk. I hope you enjoy my work and continue playing! Thanks!
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