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[GCBlog - KR] Interview with GC Team

Hello. Mr Purple Here. The Cool Man~!
Today, after nine years of service in the GC team will join us for a short story about the Future of Grand Chase.

1. This Summer, GC team have decided to Make a major Update, can you please elaborate?

Project: Back to the BASIC
Incorporates the concept of developers, that we will start from the basic.

The main theme Update for this summer is "to regain the Fun of Grand Chase like when it was still new".
To reorganize the things that makes the Users of Grand Chase uncomfortable and improve the user's gaming experience in playing Grand Chase is the Core theme that we are willing to spend effort with.
One, Were making the Updates step by step instead of one by one so that the little details will not be left out.

For example
Azin's appearance in the expression system is still in an unstable state, The user doesn't really notices his expressions.
We are planning to make the Resolutions extend where the Graphics of Azin's Expression can now be seen [even without sticking your face in your screen].
Then All the Characters Expression will be added next to it..
Expression will now be triggered by a command, In the Coordishop these expressions will be possible even if you change avatars.
Step by step the small details will be filled up so that none will be left out and make it a Big and Perfect Update.

the Intros System will be the same
In Monster train 301, The Intro there will now be replaced. Im working on the Intro where the Characters will be in the Intro without pictures [more like cinematic?]
And For missions - Mission Stories will now be more noticable because of the new Intros were making so that the story will be clear

Grand Chase's Character balancing is solved
This summer I reorganized it based on the character's skill tree, and is still working to improve the Gameplay.
For Mari [Skill tree] ... Expect more.
The Discrimination and Unbalanced AP between MP, we are now thinking for a way to solve this problem.
From summer to the Winter Season is still a long journey.

About the Users who are feeling uncomfortable (parties, chat, etc.), The Storage or Warehouse' Reorganization has not yet started.
4 or more Players can now Run the party Together.
Struggling with a huge party to hunt the Dragon in a fantasy game Causes romance. ^ - ^
Also we have planned about the better Division of the Dungeon Drops between the Players.

We also Reorganized the Dungeons in Every Continent.
Drops will be easier when the reorganization is implemented, either, The dungeon will be made with more challenge to it.
The monsters Differences will be arranged, Certain difference compensation, scaffold improvements, improved monster patterns, Add Hell Modes...
the Existing dungeons now is kinda boring and stressful.
A dungeon that is both Difficult and Stressful is not fun, difficult, but fun, Improving the Gameplay of users while in the dungeon is our goal.

Of course
Due to system enhancements and additional reorganizations to our to do list with New Dungeons and Expansions, and will continue to update through the content.

2. What is the step by step for future updates?

War of the Resurrection
War has been neglected over the last two years and has only focused on making the development for it.
I balanced the character skill tree reorganization. after the Reorganization it will then take place.
The Balance in Dungeons and in Battle will be different
Now Creating a room will be more convinient and with modes, You can now add a moderator in your room so that he can also manage the room.
Ranking system improvements, and also we are preparing for a new [PVP] match System.

We are already planning for the war so that Grand Chase users will be entertained and start enjoying it.
The Updates along with the reorganizations takes a long time, but, The task has been distributed to the whole GC Team to work on.

Agit System [this is the House System for us], Improvement of the Couple System, The Reorganization of the Heroic Dungeons are also still in Progress.

3. One Last word [Any last words?]
Grand Chase has been running for 8 years is a very long time.
For other games that is a very long time and should be Gone by now , but with all these Ceremonies [Updates], Grand Chase is still alive.
I will send you the Results of Grand Chase

The Final Reorganizations of all the Problems that the users have will have to be postponed because we are now focusing on the Reorganizations and Improvements
The game does not live up to those expectations so that I will do my best.

The saga continues
Grand Chase SAGA is Continued
With Grand Chase, Have a fun day ~ :)

[KoG Promises to do all of this updates from June 2012 - September 2012]

The ones that have []'s is our notes.

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