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[THGC] Water Bomb guide

Okay, since this is a very new event that is first introduced in Thailand. I think I should make a guide about this.
Might not be that great since I'm not a very skilled player. Orz...

1. Score
2. Partusay
3. Target Range
4. Targets
5. Timer (Gives you 10 water balloons every 10 minutes)
6. Water Balloons you have
7. The reward you will get when the gauge below is full
8. Rare rewards
9. Close
10. Close

Before you play, you must have at least one Water Balloon. This can be obtained at the first log-in with the amount of 5, every 10 minutes in game will give you 10 balloons with the maximum limit of 150 balloons per day, and buy it at the shop.

In the game, you will play as Partusay. Use left and right arrow keys to move him, and press Spacebar to throw. There will be a white circle as the target range. The more targets in the range, the more score you will get!

Partusay: It's time for my revenge!

White target range

For a hit, you will receive 5 points. For multiple hits, the calculation of the score is 10 x Targets hit
Example: If you hit one target, you get 5 pts. If you hit 2 targets, you get 20 pts.

(You might see that both Arme and Lass are hit in the left pic, but no, the system said it was only a hit.)

About the targets, which are: Elesis, Arme, Lass, Zero, and Ley.

(So cute X3)

The moving speed of each targets are different
The sequence will be listed from the very back to the front.

The first three move from left to right normally with various speed.

Elesis - moderate speed, approximately 4 seconds from one side to another.
Zero - low speed, approximately 7 seconds from one side to another.
Lass - high speed, approximately 2 seconds from one side to another.

These three are not problems because we can easily predict their movement. The really annoying one is the magician girls...

Arme and Ley... These two can use Teleport and are unpredictable. 
For Arme, she will move 7 times with a time interval of 2 seconds before coming to a rest for 4 seconds. Ley, in the other hand, does not rest and endlessly teleport with the same time interval of Arme.

Unlike the first three, when these two get hit, they will instantly move their position, making it even harder to follow.

Therefore, to gain the highest score which is 50 points, you must have good luck, good eyesight, and quick hand.

I recommend you, calm down, don't rush, because there is no time limit, use all the time you want to calculate the position of those three at the back and wish for the two girls at the front to be with them.
Another note, when the time interval of Arme's and Ley's teleportation is nearly over, do not shoot just yet, because they will  change their position and you will miss. (You will see that it happened a lot in the video.)

When you gain enough points, you will receive rewards from the Water Goddess, which are mostly the Ancient Potions.

For further information of rewards, click Here 

Well, this is all the information I could give, the rest is how you use your water balloons wisely.

Hope you guys enjoy~~
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