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[THGC] Lupus

Hi guys, UnorthodoX is back.
This week's update is mainly Lupus.

Before we start, there is a new log-in screen (AP characters reign lol...).

1. Lupus Level up Event
Duration: March 29th - April 12th

In the event period, you will get rewards from leveling Lupus from 10 - 75.

2. Attack Buff with Lupus Emblem
Duration: March 29th - April 5th

In dungeons, you will see Lupus Emblem that will grant you a 15% attack buff.

3. Bounty Hunter Special Package
Duration: March 29th - April 5th

The package will be sold in shop for a week. This package contains:
-Bounty Hunter Avatar set
-Bounty Hunter Eyetooth (Level 30, Epic rank)

4. Final chance for free Lupus
Duration: March 29th - April 12th

For players who missed the chance of getting free Lupus's mission scroll, the event will be extended for two weeks.

End of main updates.

For later updates, GMs posted the new Thai original pet and let players voted for its name. For more details, click HERE

(I will post the pet video as soon as it comes out.)

And... before I leave...

Someone found this brand new hidden event...

(The head says: Funny Water Bomb Throwing)

That's all, bye~~ :D

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