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[GCKR] The Origins of Persuasion: April Fools Events!

So April is coming and KR is getting Ready for the Events for the Biggest Event of April... the Aprils Fools Day on April 1. So Let's Get ready for Pranking your Friends in Grand Chase because I think KR really made a big event for Aprils Fools.


In 2012. 03 29

Cant Imagine that Someone can be this Vulgar,  with X Wars of Pranks have Started. (This will be very dirty)

You will never Imagine how much dirt is waiting for you
[from the developers that made ​​yakpalgo events  ]

Heroes, have a strong stomach. Are you ready ~!
After you smell the Event today you will sure skip your lunch~!
X will be Falling on the Sky, the Golden Slime X, X necklaces, moving X items, etc ... Make sure your two eyes are attached.

The saga continues
Grand Chase SAGA is Continued
Grand Chase, Have a fun day ~ :)

This is really gonna be very dirty....

CharmSprite's Comments: Something will be falling on the sky.. Im guessing Poops falling on sky? ahha that sure is dirty. or maybe just Frogs falling in the sky... ahha... A pet costume that looks like Golden Slime so you can Hide the true identity of your Pet... (huhuhuhhu scary!), Wow New Necklace Effects?.. even if its just for aprils fools but what the heck.. new effects! but not really sure yet ahha, likewise Moving Items ahhah, and yet So much more. ahahah

This is definitely gonna be fun

Part 2


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