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[NAGC] Pre-Rin Release & Patch notes

Hello World! North America will be releasing Lyn or RIN soon enough and the Cool highlight is that... Rin is gonna be FREE!!!....so everyone can enjoy her. I hope Rin will also be FREE here in PH

Her Job Name in NAGC is Phoenix. In Brazil sacerdotisa which is a Priestess or Sorceress, and in Korea she is a Sorceress (Na-rae)

I wonder why phoenix though?
Gamerage's Rin Teaser

Rin's Voice

and some Concept for those who want to edit the Pictures.

02.29.12 - Patch Notes


* The Ancient Scroll Fragments (2/29 ~ 3/13)

 - Log in during the event to receive Ancient Scroll Fragments through the mail.
- Players will receive one new fragment each day they log on
- Collect and combine all 9 Ancient Fragments to complete the Scroll and claim the reward.

* Rin's Pre-Release Event (2/29 ~ 3/5)

 - Rin's Green and Red Fusion packages are temporarily available in the Academy
- Players will be provided with a temporary item that can be redeemed for the set next week.
- Rin's Just in Time rewards will be distributed March 1st, at 7PM PST
- 10% bonus xp in PvP and all dungeons


- [Cash] 4th Anniversary Package
- [Cash] Karma Red Fusion Package
- [Cash] Karma Green Fusion Package


  - Duell will now drop lvl 75 versions of Eclipse and Transcendence In the Angry Bosses Dungeon.
- A new recipe for Eclipse and Transcendence has been added to The Forge.
- Eclipse and Transcendence drops have been added for Rufus.

-This is CharmSprite Looking for an NAGC Author!! (well of course a NAGC player..)

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