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[NAGC] 03/6/2012 Patch Notes


* Rin has been added to the game!

 - Rin is now available as a free character to all players (can be selected as a starter character along with Elesis, Arme, and Lire).
 - Reach special milestone levels with Rin and get real-time rewards (+10 Bags, Reinforcement Boosters, Fusion Coupons, ect...).
 - Rin's Phoenix package is available for a limited time in the academy (3/6 ~ 3/13)

* Machinations of the Total Eclipse (3/6 ~ 3/20)

 - Find a Total Eclipse Signboard in your mailbox.
 - Claim Reward chests from the Total Eclipse menu for being online during a Total Eclipse.
 - When a Total Eclipse occurs, run dungeons to defeat the Dark Acolyte and collect orbs. (Does not appear in Trial Forest, Trial Tower, or Hero Dungeons)
 - Fill the Total Eclipse progress bar and gain access to Goddess' Supply Chest.

* 4th Anniversary Event continues! (3/6 ~ 3/20)

 - 4th Anniversary Just In Time Event! 
 - Be online March 11th at 3PM PST to claim your Lifeblood Necklace Chest.
 - 4th Anniversary limited Vernia Fusion Sets will be available for a short time in the cordishop. (3/6 ~ 3/20)
 - Vernia Fusion Sets (Timed and Perm) will only be available for 2 weeks.

  - [Cash] Rin's Phoenix Package.
  - [Cash] 4th anniversary Vernia Fusion Sets


  - Guild Marks should now properly display once approved.

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