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[NAGC] 03.14.2012 Patch Notes

* It's Pi Day! (3/13 ~ 3/27)

 - Players will receive a Pi Day mission scroll in their mailbox.
 - Learn all about the origin of Pi as you progress through a series of missions consisting of both PvP and PvE objectives.
 - Receive special Pi Day rewards upon completing each stage of the mission.

* GC White Day Celebration! (3/13 ~ 3/20)

 - The character of GC are out and in full dress for the Grand Chase White Day Celebration.
 - Collect White Day Candy from dungeons and use them to vote for you favorite GC characters in the park.
 - The character that receives the most White Day Candy will get a special event.
(This sounds REALLY racist XD)

* Lifeblood Necklace Reinforcement Event! (3/13 ~ 3/20)

 - The Lifeblood Necklace has now been added to the Shop.
 - Reinforce the Lifeblood necklace during the event period to receive bonus prizes.
 - Rewards will stack if more than one necklace has been reinforced.

* Introducing the GC Survey! (3/13 ~ 3/20)

 - A New GC Survey system has been added to the game.
 - Help us to determine future game content, events, and rewards by answering a few short questions. 
 - Players will receive rewards upon completion of the survey.

  - [Cash] Lifeblood Necklace (all characters)


  - The Eclipse darkness effect in dungeons has been reduced to improve visibility.



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