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[GCStories] Harpe Noyer's Story.

  Harpe belongs to a family of servants who serve the noble Erudon family and from childhood was really close to Ronan. A little older than the heir of Erudon, Harpe began serving as a mentor of Ronan, taking care of the boy and helping in their education.

And this beautiful friendship began when both were still children in Kanavan:

- You Know Harpe?. The Red Knights really is Awesome!

- Yes Indeed Little Master. you know what? the Seighart Family is very close to the Erudon Family as well. the stories and adventures of the Fallen hero, Ercnard Seighart, Continues to reign and be told as legends! I have also heard about the phenomenal Hero and Leader of the Red Knights - Elskud Seighart.

Even with the slight difference in age and social differences that separated them as master and servant, the truth is that the two were quite friends. Ronan treated Harpe as a true member of his royal family.

Harpe saw his little master grow as his own best friend. Ronan also followed everything by his example, even though younger,  in a young age Ronan showed himself as a righteous person, good and reliable, a true leader in the eyes of Harpe. So the two have grown inseparable.

When KazeAaze, the Queen of Darkness, was influencing the Queen of Kanavan, also affecting the domain over Ronan. At the time the young man was the leader of the Royal Guard of the kingdom. This caused him to lead the armies of Kanavan against Serdin mercilessly, and become one responsible for the terrible war that shook the two kingdoms of Bermesiah. That is, Ronan acted under the influence of his Queen who was taken by KazeAaze.

Even when Ronan became a ruthless leader, Harpe remained at her side. Having followed the couple throughout their lives, Harpe knew the true heart of Ronan and believed he would realize that he was following the wrong path. Harpe hated war, but fought for Ronan and his cause. Above all, he fought to protect his friend.
Harpe was the one who had the ability to realize that deep down Ronan was suffering for doing so. At the time, Harpe did not know that in reality the young leader was fighting KazeAaze all along, yet he believed in the purity of Ronan and was determined to protect him even from himself, while the terrible war going on.

- Destroy it all! Destroy all of Serdin!

That's right! Continue with the war! So that I can take over your body! -

In the end, Harpe was right. When Kanavan attacked, kazeAaze tried to eliminate the Erudon family. The Queen of Darkness eliminated his parents, and finally wanted to take over his body. He fought bravely, but without sufficient skill, was defeated and possessed.

His pure heart, however, did not allow the Black Queen to establish itself permanently on his body, and could thus managed to expel her. Little did KazeAaze know that his attack would turn against itself, because when she tried to have the boy, she ended up waking its ancient heritage, and Ronan found that, as some ancestors of his family, he was also able to perform magic at the same time who used his skill as a swordsman. For this, special enough to wield the sword, Tryffing, with which they were trained Erudons since ancient times. By mastering the secrets of the blade to control the magical forces, was born a new Arcanum.

Thus, the purity in the heart of Ronan was able to break the hold of KazeAaze and the boy then tried to redeem their shares. Harpe remained faithfully beside Ronan, then demonstrating loyalty and strong friendship between them.

With the end of the War of Bermesiah, Harpe decided to join the organization Existor, a group of intelligence that has always been the with the family of Erudon to investigate more about the Queen of Darkness, which had caused so much harm to his master.

On the other hand, while Ronan followed with the aim of restoring the damage he had caused, he ends up finding a group of young warriors.

When Ronan joined the Grand Chase, Harpe continued working for him, collecting important information. He was a true and faithful informant.

One of the discoveries Harpe also seems to be related to Elscud, father of Elesis whose rumors claimed that he was still alive. Harpe brought important information to Ronan, when they finally reunited. But it turned out the worst possible time. Unfortunately, it seems that when investigating more about the Essences of Power KazeAaze seems to have looked in the past, Harpe became involved in the problems of Grand Chase with Astaroth, and in the end it cost him his life.

- Get out of my way Grand Chase! ......Die!!!

-Never! humpphh!!! Aaaah!!

- No! Ronan! Watch Out!!! Ill Protect you no Matter What!.

 - Harpe! Aaahh... No no no!!!.. Dont die... Friend! ;(

Harpe dies protecting his best friend from the attack of Astaroth. He is the true shield of friendship and there was no other better way to prove except for this action!

Part 2! Coming soon!. the Search of Ronan to Harpe in the Monster Train 301

Continuation: The Search for Harpe's Soul in the train to Hell

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