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[GCPH] New Necklace: Leaf Necklace and Updates

Leaf Necklace *new content*
Duration: March 13

• The Leaf Necklace will now be available to the Shop.

Leaf Necklace Reinforce Event
Duration: March 13 – March 27 (before maintenance)

• Get a reward when you upgrade your necklace to +7, +8 and +9.
• For every attendance stamped, you will receive 2 Reinforcement Chocolate during the event period.

Heroic Dungeon Event

Duration: March 13 – March 20 (before maintenance)

• Unlimited entry at the Heroic Dungeons.
• The following items will be added to the Hero’s Shop during the event period.

Lucky 7 Event
Duration: March 13 – March 20 (before maintenance)

• Get a gift every time you log-in during the event period.
• You will randomly receive the item listed below.
• Get ALL gifts when you complete your log-ins during the event period.

Rainbow Weekend Event

Duration: March 16 – March 18 (before maintenance)

• On a given time each day, all Rainbow 7 modes will be activated.

Ill Post you my Gameplay video of the new necklace on tuesday.. CHOW!

-CharmSprite Looking for GCPH author here..
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