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[GCPH] Mailbox System, Black Dragon Ring, Cash Conversion Reward, GC Mania Event, Twinky GACHA Redux

Hello Chasers. Looks like we are going to burn our money this whole month of April. VIP event for the whole month and as one of the FMs said that we will have dragons for the whole month of April. First is the Dragon Ring, I think we will have the Dragon necklace on the next events.

Content Update – Mailbox
Duration: April 3

• Mailbox is a temporary storage where players may get their rewards, prizes and event items.
• It is ONLY used between the Grand Chase System and a player – not between two players.
• There is no duration on how long you can keep your prizes and rewards in your mailbox. Items related to an event, however, will be deleted depending on the deletion date indicated in the announcement.

Easter Day Event
Duration: April 3 – 10

• Unlimited number of resurrection in dungeon runs during the event.

Limited Release – Black Dragon Ring
Duration: April 3 – April 17 (before maintenance)

• The Black Dragon Ring will be available in the Shop during the event period.

• Accessory is per character.
• Effective only for Black Dragon Ring Accessories, 4 random properties (under the Properties column) will be pre-selected. If you want to change the properties, you must use Random Properties Scroll that can be purchased in the Shop.

Cash Conversion Reward
Duration: April 3 – May 1 (before maintenance)

• Players who have an accumulated top-up of at least Php1,000 during the event period will be given a reward.

• Depending on which week you reached Php1,000 top-up (regardless on when you started to top-up), below are the awarding dates:

• Cut-off will be Tuesday, 7:59am.
o Because of a possible time difference, we will follow the server time. Thus, we strongly recommend making your top-up earlier than 7:59am.
o Rewards will be given “within the day” and not necessarily after maintenance. This will depend on the number of players participated in this event.
• Players may only receive the reward once. So if a player topped-up a total of more than Php2,000, he will only get one reward.

o Scenario 1
GM Zhi starts to top-up his account April 5 and reached an accumulated top-up of Php 1,000 April 9, he will get his reward on April 10.
o Scenario 2
GM Cydie starts to top-up her account April 6 and reach an accumulated top-up of Php1,000 April 14, she will get her reward in April 17.

• Additional reward will be given to the top 3 highest top-up during the event period.
• Top 3 players will be posted at the forums and a message will also be sent to you in-game.
o Level 60 Cerberus Armor – character of choice
- Posted top 3 players should send their username, character name, and character of choice to grandchaseevents@levelupgames.ph on or before May 2, 2012.

New Cash Item – Eternal Flame Pet Skill (for Ghost King Pet)
Duration: April 3

• Eternal Flame Pet skill (Ghost King Pet) will be available in the Shop.

GC Mania Event
Duration: April 3 – 10 (before maintenance)

• Top 100 players who have the most time logged-in will get Grand Chase Mania title.

• Players who are logged-in at least 15 hours during the event period will receive a Grand Chase Mania Signboard.

Twinky GACHA Redux
Duration: April 3 – April 10 (before maintenance)

• Refer to the GACHA System Guide in the Game Guide section.

• If you have Templar armors, you can change it to Siegfried armors through the Crafting system.

Rainbow Weekend Event
Duration: April 6 – April 8

• On a given time each day, all of these mods are activated.
o +20% EXP for Dungeon Runs
o +20% EXP for PVP Matches
o +20% Dungeon Drop Rate
o +50% Elemental Necklace Upgrading Rate
o +30% GP for Dungeon Runs and PVP Matches
o Enter the Champion Mode without consuming any Champion Mode tickets

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